Monday, December 31, 2012

Awakino Cat

It’s complicated, but the bottom line is that Awakino is entered in the 4th race at Gulfstream on Thursday. So, we’re staying an extra day even though the family is not. It’s 5 furlongs on the turf with a claiming tag of $62,500. Hall of fame jockey John Velasquez is aboard. He won 3 Stakes races on Ahvee’s Destiny for us and we’re happy he’s on board.
Unfortunately, my father’s brother, my Uncle Melvin is being buried today. We had a lovely visit with him in Columbus, Ohio just 2 months ago. He was still walking to synagogue over a mile from his home on Sabbath and holidays. Some may remember him from his time in Connecticut liquidating store merchandise for the Schottenstein empire. He was a very strong-willed man and a very good person. We will miss him, as he joins his brothers in heaven. My Aunt Beverly is the only one of the 4 siblings remaining. Must be lonely and a little scary for her.

Hope it’s a happy new year filled with good health and happiness for us all!



Avram C. Freedberg


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Steak at 1 AM

Arielle and Jonathan performed last night at their 3rd annual concert at the Parkside Lounge in NYC.

Best sound for Arielle EVER. I heard words I never heard before! She had another guitar, a bass and percussion person behind her and she was more in command of the performance and patter with the audience than ever before.

Jonathan had some great new compositions but the sound system settings occasionally interfered with his band’s performance. Nonetheless, his band, HINTS, really rocked and so did he! Of course, we love it best when our kids perform together, as they did several times.
We then proceeded to Le Marais, a Kosher steak restaurant in mid-town. There were about 20 of us. In addition to the food, Jonathan and Donny played piano and sang. Arielle and others joined in. A fun time was had by all.
Doesn’t everyone eat steak after midnight? We didn’t get home until 3AM. Ah, to act like I’m young again!
Tomorrow, we’ll send the training staff their Christmas presents. I’ve devised a new idea for an owner’s relationship with trainers but probably won’t present it until 2013. The problem with the current system is it can be considered a conflict of interest between the owner and the trainer. The trainer gets paid a day rate. This means that whether the horse races or not, the trainer makes money each day the horse is in the barn. In addition, there is no incentive to get the horse to the races. Therefore, a system not based on the trainer collecting a day rate would incentivize the trainer to get each horse to their next race as fast as possible and, further, would ensure the trainer trying to get a poorly performing horse out of inventory.

We’ll see what happens in 2013. Here’s wishing you all the best for whatever holiday you celebrate and the best for 2013!


Avram C. Freedberg
Everything’s Cricket Racing 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wheat Free - Day 5

Nobody’s running. Happily, neither am I. My daughters asked me to read Wheat Belly which makes quite a case for eliminating wheat and wheat products from your diet. Since wheat and its use in other foods is ubiquitous, this is no easy task. Plus, he wants me (and you) to eliminate almost all carbs!

I love bread, pasta and cake (as a base for lots of icing), cookies and other sweets. So, I was projecting that if I made it to day 2 that would be it. Here it is day 5 and I’m still plodding along, rejecting all those Chanukah and Christmas gifts of truffles and other chocolates, cakes, and… well I can’t continue. My mouth is watering!

I’ve been stuffing my face with cheese and nuts. Believe it or not… no weight gain. I’m sure if I was devouring all those sweet gifts, I would be gaining weight… but at least I’d have a smile on my face! I can’t even have a taste of Ahvee’s Destiny’s regular feed!

As far as racing is concerned, I’ll be applying for a NJ Harness license, so Cameron Lucky and Numismatic can get an opportunity at Meadowlands Raceway and, maybe, Yonkers in January.

Awakino Cat should start in Florida the day or the day after I fly home from Key Biscayne. The race on the 30th at Gulfstream is too high a class for him to win at this point in his career, according to Linda. It’s Truly Ahvee should get to start at Aqueduct early in January.

Hear the Footsteps and Jess Not Jesse are on vacation in Ocala. We’re getting closer to a decision on what to do with Jess. Hear the Footsteps will come into training before Spring arrives. As for Ahvee’s Destiny’s next mating, I hope to have information on that soon too.

Hope you continue to have a nice holiday season and a wonderful new year!



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Injury Report

No Show Bates fractured his knee and will never race again. He will become a riding horse after it heals.

On Sunday, Numismatic looked really good for almost ¾ mile, then gave way. He couldn’t breathe. His throat was full of mucus.

Cameron Lucky ran on Sunday too. Started in 6th and finished in 6th. They ran more than 2 seconds faster than last week, when she won. Hopefully, she’ll make a good showing at the Meadowlands in January. She’s not sick, just not fast enough to beat this winner.

Jess Not Jesse has lots of problems… a tendon tear and chips in his ankles and one knee (I think that’s right). He also has arthritis. So, we are considering whether to surgically remove all the chips. If it’s in his best interest and not overly complex, we will do that and hope that his tendon heals and he can run next summer in Saratoga. Otherwise, he may be retired.

Awakino Cat in Florida and It’s Truly Ahvee at Aqueduct should be ready to go soon. Hopefully, our trainer will remember them and tell us when she’s entered them. Hear the Footsteps is supposed to be on vacation in Florida but I haven’t heard whether he is there yet.



Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saratoga in December

Well, No Show Bates couldn’t wait for today to run, so he ran last night. He should’ve waited. He was dead last!

Today both Numismatic and Cameron Lucky will run in the 7th and 9th race at Saratoga Harness. We’ll be there.

We knew only 3 people at the New York Thoroughbred Breeders’ party on Thursday night but it was nice to see the public rooms of the famous Batcheller Mansion which is now a B&B.

Friday, we saw Ahvee’s Destiny, who ate every food we brought but one kind of treat she didn’t like. She looked beautiful with her winter coat making her blaze even whiter on her snout. She is always fun to be around! Then, Michael Dickinson and we met Tiffany, Jonathan and Zion for brunch. At night in the drizzle, we enjoyed the Preservation Society’s House Tour with Michael, Sylvan and Honni.

Yesterday, we had fun with a Gutter Helmet salesman and Christienne and Charles. (Can you imagine that?!) Add in Nancy and Tom for Chanukah candle lighting, meeting Tiffany and her family plus Bryan and Jeff at the race track and then dinner at Il Forno last night and a good time was had by all.

Today, more Ahvee and the races. Will report on results tomorrow.



Sunday, December 2, 2012

Turn of Foot

The above is a phrase used in the racing business to describe  quickening pace exhibited by a race horse during a race. Most often it is said, the horse had a “late turn of foot” which means he suddenly went faster late in the race and gobbled up the distance between him and the competition.

I described Cameron Lucky’s performance last Sunday by saying she had such a late turn of foot even though she only finished fourth. This lead me to believe she might do well where the home stretch is longer than the one at Saratoga Harness. Saratoga Harness is a half-mile track. Meadowlands is a mile track. This means the turns at Meadowlands are more gradual and the stretch longer, since the mile races are one revolution around the track rather than two revolutions.

In today’s race at Saratoga Harness, Cameron Lucky started from the #3 position. She immediately went back into sixth place. After the first time around the track she came outside and got into fifth place. As the horses proceeded along the back side, she continued to gain position into third place. However, another horse named All About Kisses was also moving and by the time they entered the stretch, All About Kisses was ahead by several lengths. As Cameron Lucky got into second place, she exploded down the stretch and finally caught the leader shortly before the finish to win by a half length! Wow, it was so-o-o exciting. Her first win for us with a nice purse and at over 28-1 odds.

Yes, it is nice to report a victory!

All the best for a good week,


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Footsie, Cricket and Cameron Lucky

Not wins, of course, but running out of the money. Both Numismatic and No Show Bates were favorites but didn’t run like that. 4th for No Show Bates (he lived up to his name) and 7th for Numismatic, who apparently flipped his palate and couldn’t breathe.

We’re nearing the end of the line with Numismatic. Eric will try a side tongue tie and, maybe, we will try him at a larger oval like the Meadowlands. If he doesn’t perform, we’ll have to get him out of inventory.

They didn’t race on the grass today at Aqueduct. If that situation persists, Hear the Footsteps will be scratched tomorrow. Hopefully, he’ll get to run in the 7th race at 3:14PM.

Jose thanks you for your support. He is doing well.



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jose has Microvascular Dysplasia

We are told this is a congenital condition which will, hopefully, have no effect on his lifespan or quality of life. In fact, they say that under the circumstances (high liver enzymes), this is the best outcome. There is no cancer or any other life threatening condition, thank God.

Hopefully, his sutures will be removed by end of week and he can continue being his cute self without having to contend with the Elizabethan collar (which we now remove when we can keep an eye on him).

Yay, Jose. We love you so-o-o much!

Cameron Lucky finished a fast closing fourth on Sunday. Tonight both No Show Bates and Numismatic will race at Saratoga Harness. Friday, Hear the Footsteps is entered at Aqueduct where we hope they will be able to run his race on the grass. We expect It’s Truly Ahvee to be entered for Saturday at Aqueduct. So, lots of action upcoming!

Jean Adsit had 4 ½ hours of back surgery on Monday and I’m happy to report that she is doing well. Her doctor says she is going to hate him for the next two weeks but then, she’ll start to feel better and get to a point where her prior pains will be gone. Let’s hope so!



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jose out of surgery

He’s fine. They took biopsies of Liver but found nothing in the gall bladder system. Obviously, his distended gall bladder and high liver enzymes are trying to tell us something. So, we hope the biopsies will lead us to the correct course of treatment. Very frustrating.

Go Jose!

We will get him back from hospital tomorrow afternoon, if all continues to go well. He will be active movement restricted until the sutures are removed and will have to wear an Elizabethan collar. Ugh!

Thanks for your concern!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Jose goes under the knife

Thanks to Dr. Ed, we got an early appointment with the surgeon and his surgery to “explore” his gall bladder. Take biopsies of his liver and check out his duct system will take place tomorrow morning. He’s only 4 years old and a wonderful dog whom everyone loves. We are anxious and hopeful. Good luck Jose! Make it a happy Thanksgiving.

On a much lesser note, Cameron Lucky did hit the board yesterday, finishing 3rd in her race at Saratoga Harness. It is expected that all 3 harness horses will run next Sunday.

I’ll wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now, but I know you will want an update on Jose’s condition. So, more tomorrow.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


Cornelio was told to keep him close to the front and not get caught stuck behind horses. So, naturally, he started in 8th position and got him stuck behind horses. Still he got within 1 ½ lengths of the winner and finished 4th.  Just as naturally, Linda had another horse in the race, one which she owned, Quick Money. At the start they bumped each other and Quick Money finished 3rd, just ahead of Footsie. UGH!

Cameron Lucky runs at Saratoga Harness in Sunday’s 9th race from the #3 position with Billy Dobson driving. It is the same class that she ran in last week to no avail. However, the two favorites have outside posts, so there’s a shot she can hit the board.

No Show Bates, our gift horse, ran 2nd last Wednesday night and will be entered for next Wednesday. Numismatic had to re-qualify after two straight races where he broke stride. He did so successfully yesterday and may get entered as early as next Friday night.

Looks like our little Jose may require surgery for a distended Gall Bladder, at which time they’ll also take Liver biopsies to see if there is anything other than his gall bladder issue contributing to high Liver enzyme numbers. We are scheduled to meet with the Surgeon on November 28th.

It’s been a tough week. It’s hard to lose someone you love. Thanks for all the condolences.



Monday, November 12, 2012

Luck had nothing to do with it

Cameron Lucky. Yesterday I said it would be a miracle if she won. On paper, she did not seem to be in the same league as most of her competition. Yet, Eric told me she’d be competitive. She ran last most of the race and finished next to last. Because she ran a fast last quarter mile and had not run for 28 days, Eric felt this was a good performance and she’d do better next time. Frankly, I wish he would have said that the horse was in over her head and that this would be a good tightening race for her before the race. Now, he says she can qualify for a lower classification race. I guess we’ll see how she does there.

The “free” horse, No Show Bates, runs on Wednesday night. Even though he’s in post #7 in race #11, he’s 4-1 on the Morning Line. We’ll see what can happen here. We know he won his last race!

Hear the Footsteps in entered on the grass at Aqueduct on Friday. Cornelio will ride. Hopefully, the course will dry out by Friday and he’ll go the mile distance. Go Footsie!

Best to all,


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cameron Lucky

She races at Saratoga Harness today out of post #4 in Race #9. While Eric thinks she could do well, I’ll be very surprised based on what you can see in the Past Performance stats. She seems nowhere near as fast as most of the entrants. Eric thinks there will be a lot speed which is good for a finisher like Cameron Lucky. If she pulls this off, I’ll have to consider Eric to be a miracle worker. She has Billy Dobson driving who is the leading driver at Saratoga.

Hear the Footsteps got snowed out by the Nor’easter. We await another opportunity for him. Linda says It’s Truly Ahvee needs one more breeze before entering him. I’d rather race him than breeze him but she’s the professional. I’m just the overanxious owner!

No Show Bates is due to run on Wednesday night and Numismatic may be back in a race by Friday. Will keep you advised.



Saturday, November 10, 2012

They're gone.

Thank you very much for your prayers. God was in need of some good people. So, he drafted Don Stern and Betty Dickinson. I hope they’re in heaven now. Betty left us on Thursday and Don left this morning.

There’s not much more to say. Their families and their friends are grieving now. I’m sure they are thankful for the prayers you made on behalf of their loved ones. Barbara was always there fighting for the best care for Don and showering him with love and attention. The same is true for Mike and his mom. It was clear that they had a very special and very close relationship. At least as they left this earth, Don and Betty knew they were loved. It makes a difference.

Now we have to love those that are left behind and remember with a combination of joy and sadness the sweet moments that will stay with us forever. Rest in Peace my friend, Don. Rest in Peace Betty. Time to give solace to those who loved you while knowing that something special will be missing from all our lives.



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you!

Your prayers for Don and his family are coming through loud and clear. They are much appreciated. Betty Dickinson, Mike’s mom, is having a similar problem with Congestive Heart Failure. Having spent some time with her, I found her to be very spry for a woman on dialysis, with sparkling eyes and full of positive energy. I know she raised great children. I am saying a prayer for her and Mike each day.

Abby’s mom got her a new puppy. I don’t know the breed but it’s named Mochi which means delicate dessert in Japanese. It’s really quick to “replace” Jaeger, but Abigail is all alone and mom thought she needed a little companion. I’m sure she’ll continue grieving for Jaeger but will have some comfort from Mochi.

Oh yes, these messages are supposed to be about horses. Hear the Footsteps is entered to run on the grass Thursday at Aqueduct. However, if the Nor’easter hits tomorrow, they probably won’t run on the grass and he’ll be scratched. I hope to see an entry soon for It’s Truly Ahvee.

I was waiting for the Breeder’s Cup races to run before pursuing my two choices for mating with Ahvee’s Destiny. I’m afraid to mate her right back to Freud because of the miscarriage. Seems to be an “H” year, since I am interested in Harlan’s Holiday and Hard Spun. We’ll see if they are interested.

On the harness front, Cameron Lucky had a high white cell count. Once it’s back to normal, she’ll be ready to race. Numismatic is recovering from Gelding and should be ready soon to focus on racing… we hope! Our trainer, Eric Adsit, is a special fellow. One of his clients couldn’t pay him, so he ended up with a horse named, No Show Bates. What does Eric do? He calls us and another owner and tells us we will be partners with him with no cost of acquisition or maintenance. Can you believe that? WOW! Lest you think the horse has no talent, he won a race the following night easily.

Hope everyone’s back to normal, at least among the members of our group. Certainly, some people won’t taste what normal is for a long time. I’m sure everyone is trying to do something for the disaster victims. We have a group of special people.



Monday, November 5, 2012

My friend Don

When you are friends with anyone for 40 years, it says that you had a very special relationship. He is one very special person… sweet, self-effacing, funny, conservative - yet has taken many chances with my horses and theater ventures. All-in-all, a pleasure to be around, to travel with, to have as a friend, acquaintance or colleague.

You have heard about this friend many times before because our friendship is so close and his health so precarious. After almost five months in ICU -- since his heart attack and double by-pass surgery -- the end seems near. Don has been like a cat with nine lives. So, it is hard to accept the fact that he will lose this fight. Despite the odds, I ask you to say a prayer for Gidon Stern (Gidon ben Ruth). The world needs more people like him, so pray for a miracle recovery… and if the Lord needs him more than we do, pray for a peaceful journey to heaven where he will surely reside.

Say another prayer for Barbara, his wife of 42 years who has worked every day to keep him alive… and for his sons, Jeremy and Gabriel and their beautiful children who need their grandfather and who will also miss him terribly.

I know you asked to get these missives for horsie news. Please allow me this departure because of my love for these very special friends. I guarantee that if you knew them, you would feel the same way.

Hope you are all powered up at home and at work. Please use your power of prayer to demand, beseech and plead for this special family.

Thank you!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back from Saratoga

On Friday, the night before we left for a quick Saratoga sojourn, Numismatic broke stride in his race for the second time in a row. We felt ready to throw in the towel when Eric said the horse has been exhibiting excited “male” signs and suggested gelding Numismatic for one last chance to get him focusing on his races. After hearing that, I thought I’d never want to ever cross Eric!

Saturday was very busy. We went to Belmont to support Pat Symons’s Gitchee Goomie who was running in the Ticonderoga Stakes. This was to be her last race before being sold as a broodmare. She looked good at the top of the stretch but could not maintain her momentum. Still, fininshing third in a $175K race still gets a decent pay check. It would have been really sweet if she could have won and beaten her nemesis, Hessonite, who was the odds-on winner.

That gave us 1 ½ hours for what the GPS said was a half-hour trip to NYC for dinner with good friends before seeing the original Frankie Valli on Broadway. An electronic sign on the approach to the Midtown Tunnel said it would take 26 minutes to get through the tunnel but 2 ½ hours later, we had to skip dinner and go straight to the theater. We were lucky the warning showing an empty gas tank did not get us stuck in the tunnel or on the street before we could find a gas station. At least, Frankie put on a great show! (Of course, I’m prejudice since we are one of the presenters).

We left for Saratoga after the show and pulled in before 2AM, to bed by 3AM and up to see the horses train at 6:40AM. We visited Ahvee’s Destiny who is getting her winter coat. Otherwise she looked good and was a little finicky about what she would eat. So, sometimes, we bit into the carrot to get her to follow suit and she did! She was funny.

On Monday before we left, we got to see It’s Truly Ahvee. He looked good and preferred Mrs. Pastures cookies, though he ate most of what we offered. He’ll be coming down to run at Aqueduct next week. Hear the Footsteps will also stay up North for a little while and race on the grass at Aqueduct, weather permitting.

Jess Not Jesse is entered in a race on Friday but will probably scratch and go to Pat in Florida. Tomorrow he’ll get an X-ray and Ultrasound to check his ankles and an inflamed tendon. Depending on the results, he may get turned out for two or three months or he might need some simple surgery. Awakino Cat will also go to Pat but remain in training and race at Gulfstream when ready.

Tday, there was a tragedy at Belmont when Jaeger (maybe Yeager), Abigail Adsit’s little white dog, ran out in the road and was killed instantly by a car. She’s devastated, just as we would be if it happened to our beloved Jose. Jeanne will go to Belmont tomorrow to comfort her daughter. Our sincere condolences.

Wishing you good things,


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Going to Saratoga

With all that’s been going on this Fall, we’ve missed an International Balloon Festival and a horse sale, since Labor Day. The synagogue in Saratoga we attend is having a Centennial Ball on Sunday, so we’re going. It’ll be the last chance to see whichever horses are still based there, since the training area closes down November 1 until next April-May. Of course, we’re going to see our mare, Ahvee’s Destiny at Ellen’s farm.

Awakino Cat didn’t like the soft grass, the hard competition or the 7 furlongs (but that may just be the level of competition). He was well placed, fell back, came on a little but was empty in the stretch for a 6th place finish.

Jess Not Jesse’s race came off the grass, so he scratched.

It’s Truly Ahvee should be ready for a race as Aqueduct opens.

Hear the Footsteps ate nothing yesterday and was running 102 fever. Hopefully, he’ll bounce back quickly. Not much more time for grass races and the wet weather makes even fewer of them.

Numismatic runs in a $7500 claimer tomorrow night. He’s coming out of the 7 spot, so it’ll be a tough race for him. If he doesn’t show something soon, he’ll be going on a permanent vacation.

We’ve just acquired a 4-yr. old filly, pacer Cameron Lucky, and shipped her to Eric’s farm. Hope to meet her this weekend.

Have a lovely weekend!



Friday, October 12, 2012


Awakino Cat is in a turf stakes race today at Belmont. It’s the 7th race with post time at 4:02 at 7 furlongs from post 6 with Cornelio Velasquez in the irons. He’s 8-1 morning line against a tough crowd but we love him just the same. Go Awakino!

Jess Not Jesse had his Belmont race on Wednesday taken off the grass, so he scratched. We’re hoping to come up with something for him and Hear the Footsteps next week.

It’s Truly Ahvee needs a couple of more breezes before he is ready to race. Hope it’s soon.

Our trotter, Numismatic, gives us lots of agita. He’ll be put into the lowest class to try and find a way for him to win.



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hear the Footsteps

Last Friday, Hear the Footsteps ran on the grass at Belmont. Rosie Napravnik was riding. I like Rosie. Nonetheless, she did not follow instructions.

She got Footsie out of the gate well and let him settle into third place. Perfect. We had told her to be positioned no worse than third. However, when another contender started trying to pass, she let that happen, rather than getting Footsie into a better position. Then another horse did the same thing with the same result.

Footsie was boxed in and acted a little intimidated by the horses surrounding him. After they turned into the stretch, she found a hole and, finally, got him going. Unfortunately, Barrel of Love was barreling around the pack and had much more momentum. So, as Footsie started his late stretch run, he was passed. While he couldn’t get to the lead, he did get to second place at the wire.

Footsie is always trying. In 16 races, he has finished first twice, second three times and third eight times, 13 out of 16 in the money!

Our double winner at Saratoga, Jess Not Jesse, is the 7-5 favorite in the 9th race at Parx in Philadelphia on the grass on Saturday. Stewart Elliot is scheduled to ride but my gut tells me it will come off the grass due to wet weather. If that happens, he will be scratched.

Ahvee’s Destiny is doing fine at the farm.

Have a lovely weekend!



Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My apology

Several years ago, I sent a bulk e-mail request for forgiveness. One friend wrote back to say that she was offended by this impersonal approach. However, it is clear to me that such a message is far better than only asking some people for forgiveness because I probably left out many people that I had offended but had not realized that I did so.

For example, earlier this year I reached out to a couple I had not heard from for a while. I found out they were very angry at me but I had no idea I had offended them. My point is only that sometimes we know not what we say. Certainly, that is true for me. So, I think a general apology in which I solicit a response seems like a reasonable way to start.

Please let me know if I offended you. In return, you will receive a personal, heart-felt apology. My hope is there will come a time with mostly positive reactions and fewer negative ones.

Please know that the person I strive to be would never purposefully offend you. Yet that person is still an idealized image. I am usually aware of my shortcomings and I’ll keep striving to do better. Please let me know if I’m not succeeding. I’m lucky that my family does try to do that. I hope they feel appreciated for doing so and that their honesty is rewarded with better reactions and more love from me. God knows they – and YOU – deserve it!

May you be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life with good health, happiness and success in your endeavors. Hugs and kisses to all.



Friday, September 21, 2012

Very sad news

Ahvee’s Destiny lay down in a field today and gave birth four and a half months early. We were too shocked and saddened to ask what was the gender of the fetus. The Vet will clean out her uterus tomorrow. He says, she appears to be doing well. There is no clear reason for this miscarriage.

We had an artist ready to paint mother and foal after the due date next February. We were looking forward to trying to be there when she foaled and playing with the foal through next summer. Unfortunately, we will not see these dreams come to fruition next year. We hope this is a unique instance and that she will be able to have healthy foals in the future.

Hear the Footsteps runs 7 furlongs on the grass in the fifth race at Belmont tomorrow. Rosie Napravnik is aboard. We hope to be there to root for Footsie. He’s such a nice horse. Go Footsie!



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The End

Do you remember how you felt when you went somewhere you loved for the summer and had to return to reality? I remember returning from a summer camp experience and crying. I feel the same way getting ready to leave Saratoga.

Yes, I was in the hospital and had a large 10MM kidney stone broken up, then had a stent through my urethra to my kidney for a week. Yes, many friends suffered with serious health problems. Yes, there were business matters that threw a pall on the horizon. Yes, none of the horses got to race in the last ten days. Nonetheless, the peacefulness of each morning, hosting friends and family, two winning thoroughbred races by Jess Not Jesse, one trotting victory by Numismatic and two third place finishes for Hear the Footsteps, along with the various entertainments we attended at Saratoga Performing Arts Center were certainly helpful in dealing with the negatives.

Now, it’s packing up time and returning to the various issues we each have to face daily… except in Saratoga.

There will still be racing and, hopefully, lots of wonderful happenings, especially if our friends’ health issues get better. Since the Jewish New Year is around the corner, we wish all our friends and family only the best for the upcoming year.

We enjoyed those who made it up here and look forward to welcoming those who have yet to enjoy the spirit of Saratoga Springs.



Friday, August 24, 2012

Hear the Footsteps

For the 8th time in 15 starts, Hear the Footsteps finished 3rd. For a moment, he took the lead in the stretch but was unable to withstand two of his regular rivals, Ampersan who won by a head over Gimme Credit who finished in front of us by only a head but for the 4th time. I really wanted a Winner’s Circle photo because our son Jonathan was here for the race (and everyone ALWAYS wants a photo anyway). No such luck.

Numismatic, our trotter, runs tonight at Saratoga Harness in the 8th race race from the #2 slot with a new driver, Jay Randall. He’s 15-1 on the morning line but hopefully will do better than his odds indicate.

Once again, Awakino Cat’s race did not get used for Monday. You just can’t believe anything they tell you. They said it would have gone but only 5 participants entered.

So, now we wait for the end of the Meet to see if any races are scheduled for Awakino (or even jess Not Jesse).

Travers tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jess strikes again

Jess Not Jesse is one tough SOB. He doesn’t like to let anyone else pass him at the finish line. Yesterday, he took the lead in the stretch and appeared to be in trouble from a horse closing quickly on the inside (Ziptronic). However, he wouldn’t let that horse get by him. He came on to win his second in a row for us (and fourth in a row overall) by head and took us an a large crowd of well-wishers to the Winner’s Circle.

Hear the Footsteps is scheduled to run in tomorrow’s fifth race. Today, however, something spooked him while he was training. He dropped his rider, ran off and tried to unsuccessfully hurdle a fence, then ran onto the small training track before they caught up with him. What effect this will have on his condition tomorrow remains to be seen. Though he showed some superficial scrapes today, he looked fine in all other respects. So, we hope he’s fine tomorrow as well.

Now the Racing secretary says there will be a race for Awakino Cat on Monday. However, we’ve heard promises like this before only to be disappointed. We’ll know tomorrow.

It’s the Travers Stakes on Saturday, so the crowds are building. We attended the post position draw with our neighbor, trainer Ken McPeek. It was part of the show for Travers week. Tonight is the Travers Celebration to benefit the Permanent Disabled Jockey;s Fund and the backstretch workers through B.E.S.T. It’s dress-up time!

We have been very lucky at Saratoga. This is our sixth year running horses here and each year we’ve had at least one winner. In 2007 and this year, we’ve had two winners. Tomorrow, we go for one more. Go Footsie!



Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saratoga winners

We are winners at Saratoga just by being here. I took photos at 5:45AM of the mist on the Oklahoma training track with the sun coming up and the horses coming out of the mist. I’d love to share them with you but IT issues keep getting in the way… I guess you’ll just have to come up here and see it for yourself!

Today was a satisfying day. Business has been very stressful and the excitement of your horse vying for the lead from the outset, being headed a few different times, yet continuing to compete, coming down the stretch and prevailing goes a long way to, at least temporarily, relieving that stress and filling you with excitement. So, thanks to Jess Not Jesse, named for Rob’s son, we all shared in the excitement of a Winner’s Circle photo… the Balitsos clan, Patsy, Pat Hoppel, lawyers Jonathan and Judy and I’m sure there will be many others to send photos to when I actually get to see the Winner’s Circle photo. And then there were those who were reticent to horn in on the photo experience, including our good friends, Michael Dickinson, the Pressmans, Tiffany and Jonathan and their baby, Zion. Ellen Bongard, the Goichmans, whose horse had come in second in the prior race. All in all, very thrilling... and this for a $20,000 claiming race!

The day before we visited with Ahvee’s Destiny. She’s in a corral with three other mares (one of whom likes to threaten to kick her when we feed her carrots and the interloper wants the carrots and us to herself!). They all wear fly nets on their heads this time of year because the flies like to eat there eyes and ears. It is very disturbing to the horses but at least the netting helps. In any case, Ahvee recognizes us, gives us kisses and, as long as we reward her behavior with more goodies to snack on, she’s a happy horse. She’s getting rounder but there are still six months to go before she foals.

I guess it takes actually being here to understand the magic of going out the back doors and stepping into another world in the morning… a world of horses and riders and trainers and clockers and grooms and onlookers. It’s both strange and beautiful, filled with excitement and calm. You must experience it for yourself. I think you’ll find it a very special experience.

Tomorrow, my first golfing in a very long time. Tomorrow night, we’re going to a dinner featuring NY Yankee great, Mariano Rivera, which benefits his Foundation. Then, Hanan and our girls show up and so do my dear colleagues. Looking forward to a nice weekend. I wish you the same.

Awakino Cat is still scheduled to run August 16th. Numismatic is recovering from an abcess and will, hopefully, run soon.

All the best,


Friday, August 3, 2012

Footsie's got heart!

Hear the Footsteps ran a great third place on Wednesday after being taken to the outside by Linda’s other entrant, Power Blast, then cut-off by Power Blast early in the stretch, then colliding with Gimme Credit near the finish line. It was a tough race but he kept coming, just 3/4 length behind the winner, a neck behind Gimme Credit and a nose ahead of two others. It was very exciting to see how much heart he had. Plus, where he used to snip at you sometimes before he got snipped himself, now he likes to nuzzle. He’s still a nibbler on carrots and cookies. He’s a nice horse… one who’s finished in the money 11 out of 14 times.

Numismatic was supposed to run tonight but got an abcess in his hoof, so he’ll be scratched from tonight’s race.

Jess Not Jesse breezed yesterday and will race on Wednesday, we hope. Awakino Cat breezed on the turf today. There is a race for him on August 16th in the claiming ranks, where it is hoped he can win.

Hope you have a nice weekend!



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Forgot about Cricky!

Cricky’sGoldenEyes runs today at Finger Lakes at 2:31 PM. He’s in the 4th race at 5 ½ furlongs under former exercise rider for Linda Rice, Oscar Gomez. It’s a $4500 claimer with a $9000 purse. It is possible he’ll win (he’s the morning line favorite, though 5 ½ may be too short for him) and his claiming price is a big drop down. All who know him in Linda’s barn think he’s a wonderful horse, even though he may not be such a great racehorse. GOOD LUCKY, CRICKY!



Monday, July 23, 2012


It’s been a whirlwind. Full car load up here plus more brought by friends. Unloading… putting it all away…shopping… getting presentable for festivities honoring Linda Rice, etc., etc. …and that’s just day one!

We woke up to the horses galloping “in our backyard.” It was mesmerizing. Since, we wanted to see if the opening day had any special going-on, we walked to the track early. Big crowd, great weather and excitement in the air. However, the only thing that differentiated the day was track announcer, Tom Durkin, asking those in attendance to yell, “and their off at Saratoga,” when the gate opened for the first race. The crowd dutifully obeyed and we were indeed “off at Saratoga!” For us, the highlight was Eva’s first visit to Saratoga.

I love what we’re doing so much that it would be easy to share every last detail. However, here are some highlights. Seeing Ahvee’s Destiny is always a highlight (if Sylvan send me the photo of Avi kissing Ahvee, I’ll send it to you). She is “showing.” In fact Ellen Bongard who owns the farm where Ahvee’s Destiny is living gave us some beautiful photos of her looking “in foal.” She ate her carrots and cookies (NOT a new Ben & Jerry’s flavor), stayed away from Join the Crowd, an aggressive mare who wanted some of her action and let me stroke her and brush away some of the many flies that like to torture horses.

Having a new Brian Fox painting grace our wall is always a thrill (you may be familiar with his painting of Ahvee’s Destiny Winning the Mechanicville Stakes that’s been the first painting you see at our home). Now Seattle Slew winning the Derby is on the wall in Saratoga.

On Saturday, we got to Linda’s barn at 5:12 AM to see Jess Not Jesse with Abby in the saddle workout alone on the Clare Court training track opposite her barn. That day he got out there even earlier, so we only caught a little of his workout. Nonetheless, the track at that hour is idyllic… the dawn light, the fog and mist, the natural beauty of the flowers, shrubs, grass and dirt tracks, the first horses and riders getting to the track… and the hustle and bustle begins. These people get up every morning to do their jobs. For us, it is all pleasure and, of course, we get to sleep-in the next day and still see the horses out our window. WOW!

A low-light was the performance of Awakino Cat. He was perfectly positioned as they came into the stretch turn of his Stakes Race named after our friends’ horse, Willard Straight (who was named after a former President of Cornell University). The purse was $100K but he didn’t get us any of it, as he failed to fire and didn’t finish with his usual late kick. He was 7 lengths back of the winner. We may be running him back in a $35K claiming race on Friday.

The NYC Ballet’s final performance of the season (there’s talk they may not be back) at SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) was very exciting. Then we had to get ready for our Housewarming Brunch on Sunday morning. The coffee makers blew the electrical breakers and made us all crazy. Not even Greg, the electrician, who came to the rescue, was able to fix the problem. So, it was Dunkin Donuts to the rescue! Nonetheless, the brunch was very enjoyable.

Tomorrow the two harness horses will run at night at Saratoga Harness in the 10th and 11th races. MarvelthisBliss will have a new driver, Jay Randall. She’s got the number 6 post, while Numismatic goes from the number 1.

You must come to Saratoga, especially if you’ve never been here… but I’m prejudiced!

Have a great week!



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Spa

Tomorrow, we’re off! We look forward to seeing you in Saratoga Springs.

Glad to report that Don, Jeanne and Clyde are all making progress. Knowing that makes us feel good.

Awakino Cat is entered against tough company in the first race on Saturday. It’s 5 ½ furlongs on the grass with several top sprinters entered. It’s called the Willard Straight Stakes with a purse of $100,000. Awakino is in post 8 and Cornelio Velasquez will ride.

We’ve been very fortunate over the years that we’ve been going to Saratoga to have a big win, usually early in our stay. Awakino Cat will be a longshot but we’re hoping and we’re rooting. Go Cat!

Lots going on up North. It’ll be busy and fun. The reports will continue!

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Ours is just beginning.



Monday, July 16, 2012


The best news is that Don is doing better. He’s got a way to go but he’s progressing. We hope Jeanne is also moving in the right direction. We’ll find out more about her soon. Clyde needs another procedure. We’re praying it succeeds.

Another bright note is the victory by Arielle’s Song. She hasn’t been ours for a long time and we’re surprised she’s still competing. It may have been a cheap claimer but yesterday she won in Michigan by almost 9 lengths!

As for our horses, Numismatic broke stride and finished last on Wednesday night. Marvel finished fourth on Thursday night (both the aforementioned at Saratoga Harness). Hear the Footsteps finished fourth at Belmont in his first race in eight months.

On Friday, we said goodbye to Cricky’sGoldenEyes who will be shipping to Finger Lakes shortly and fed carrots to him and to Jess Not Jesse, who looked very handsome. Hopefully, Awakino Cat will run in a listed Stakes at Saratoga on Saturday in Saratoga. We’re on our way up there on Thursday.

Have a great week!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lots of horsies

Tomorrow night at Saratoga Harness, Numismatic goes from the 7 post in race #11 at 10:25PM. It’s tough from the outside in harness racing.

On Thursday night, MarvelthisBliss has the number 2 post in the 9th race. He’ll go up in class, since he won his last race but the post will be helpful.

Then, on Friday, Hear the Footsteps makes his first start of the year at Belmont in the first race under Rosie Napravnik, the cover girl of this week’s Thoroughbred Times. She’s cute. She’s good. So, let’s hope Footsie is sharp in his first race. It’s 1 1/16 miles on the grass. We’ll be there rooting for them!

Awakino Cat breezed sharply for the first time after his recent surgery. He looked and sounded good. He’s prepping for an overnight stakes in Saratoga for Saturday, July 21st. We’ve been very lucky at Saratoga. So, here’s hoping!

Jess Not Jesse will hopefully run in late July or early August in Saratoga and, we’re hoping that It’s Truly Ahvee will get to race in Saratoga by the end of the meet. Cricky’sGoldenEyes will be pointed to Finger Lakes.

Saratoga starts Friday, July 20th!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Horses and things

On Sunday, MarvelthisBliss was a winner in the 4th race at Saratoga Raceway, while Numismatic finished 4th in the 12th race.

Awakino Cat breezed this week but still showed signs of respiratory problems due to palate displacement. They will perform a Myectomy to try and resolve the issue. It’s helpful in 60-70% of cases. We are hoping he doesn’t have to miss the Saratoga Meet. It’s his favorite track.

It’s Truly Ahvee is relaxing at Eric’s farm. Hear the Footsteps is waiting for the right race. Jess Not Jesse arrived at Belmont. Cricky’sGoldenEyes will run in the 9th race at Belmont on the turf. This will give him an opportunity to perform on a different surface. Linda says they mixed up the jocks in the Racing Secretary’s office. So, we either get Cornelio Velasquez who has been his regular rider or Alan Garcia. If it doesn’t work, Linda will probably send him to Finger Lakes.

Please keep saying a prayer for Gidon ben Ruth. Don had a bad day yesterday.

Have a happy and healthy 4th of July.



Friday, June 29, 2012

Long time, no speak

We left off shortly after the Belmont Stakes. Cricky and Truly Ahvee were about to run. A lot has happened since.

We were at the Belmont with our dear friends, Don and Barbara. We had a lovely day and went out to dinner that night. As the week progressed, Cricky showed he didn’t like the mud and It’s Truly Ahvee showed he didn’t like the grass. In fact, Truly Ahvee bled during his race and has been turned out to relax at Eric’s farm (stress is a contributor to bleeding). The harness horses didn’t perform well either.

More importantly, Don went golfing and lost consciousness on the course. He appeared to have another heart attack. You may recall that many of you said prayers for Don when last this happened. To make a long story short, he had a double bypass, got an infection and started bleeding internally. This week they cauterized the bleeding and found an anti-biotic that is getting rid of the infection. Though he is still not off the ventilator, he’s making progress. Please say a prayer for Gidon ben Ruth.

Barbara has been an aishet chayil (a woman of valor) while dealing with her own physical problems. If you’re lucky, your spouse will always be as dedicated to you as Barbara is to Don.

On top of that, our dear friend, Joyce, had a serious health problem… so serious, it turns out, that she was touch and go for a while. She seems to be on the mend now. Let’s hope so and keep them both in our prayers, as well as our other friends.

Clyde Rice, Linda’s dad, had vascular surgery last week. They’re trying to save his leg. This type of surgery has helped my Mom over the last few months. We pray it helps Clyde as well.

Jeanne Adsit, Eric’s wife and Abby’s mother is in the hospital with a severe breathing problem and chronic cough. She’s getting a little better but they still haven’t totally identified what is going on nor gotten the cough under control.

Lastly, my dad’s brother, Uncle Melvin, whose been fighting colon cancer, c-diff infections, et al, just found out they found spots in his lungs. This kind of news makes it difficult for him and those who love him.

Yes, life goes on… we celebrated birthdays, worked on the house, had our delicious grandson, Hanan, and his two mommies with us in Saratoga, watched the harness horses race live for the first time (They both finished fourth from the worst post position, number 8), and we visited Ahvee’s Destiny, who scared us when we saw her face covered in a mask. It turned out to be netting protecting her from the hundreds of flies surrounding her and the other mares in foal.

The cycle of life does go on and so does horse racing. So, congrats to Larry and Jennifer for Elusive Rumour’s victory, to Tom Gregory and his mates for Karakorum Elektra’s hard fought win and to Patsy for Trix in the City hitting the board in a stakes at Belmont.

I hope the news turns better. I generally like writing these ruminations. It’s much more fun when the news is good.

Have a nice weekend and holiday!



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Horses and crows

First, did you get the possibly too subtle reference I made about “crowing” yesterday (ie. Like Peter Pan singing, “I’ve Gotta Crow!”)? I know my biggest Peter Pan fan missed it, so I assume everyone did!

Now, a quick review of Belmont Stakes day… It starts out at 7AM, when I painfully discover swelling in my gums behind a root canal tooth that’s never been right since (well it is on the right side!). Luckily, Super-Kayla, my dentist, rushed to her office and met me shortly after 8AM. She treated it and by afternoon it was back to normal. Therefore, no matter how my bets went, I was already a winner that day. Thanks, Super-Kayla!

I didn’t plan to go the Belmont, since my Rabbi’s daughter was becoming a Bat Mitzvah that morning and I had tickets for the Yankees-Mets game that night. However, when I’ll Have Another won the Preakness, my friend from Saratoga called informing me that my new friend from Louisville (who had engineered our winning Superfecta bet on the Derby) wanted to go to see history being made. So I invited Don and Barbara to join us and got six tickets for the Turf & Field Club. When potential Triple Crown winner, I’ll Have Another, scratched on Friday, imagine how I felt. Forget about the 50,000 people who didn’t show up that day… forget about the friends from out of town… forget about all those who bought reserved seats and traveled from near and far… instead, Cry for Me Argentina (Sorry, I can’t seem to get away from the theater this week!).

Anyway, the atmosphere was nice, even though there was no Triple Crown try nor was it as festive as the Kentucky Derby. Still there were plenty of football professionals (Rex Ryan, lots of New England Patriots and, most importantly, several NY Giant Superbowl rings for the girls to study carefully (Yes, there still girls to me!). The race was exciting, though the time was slow (leading this wag to believe that I’ll Have Another could have won even with his injured leg). I only had two winners and Linda’s five entrants in four different races did nothing to help me. Since I was driving, I neglected to drink my way into oblivion like we did in Kentucky. That made it a long day… from 11AM to 8PM (and then four of us went out to dinner which didn’t get started until 9:30PM). However, all-in-all, it was nice being with our friends and there were many good races.

Speaking of races, Cricky’sGoldenEyes will run in tomorrow’s 7th race at Belmont at 6 furlongs on the dirt for a tag of $15K and It’s Truly Ahvee will run 6 furlongs on the grass for a tag of $35K in Friday’s 7th race. Cornelio Velasquez will be the rider in both races. Nothing yet to report on the two harness horses.



Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Tony's for Peter and the Starcatcher

Our harness horses performed poorly last week and, yes we were at the Belmont Stakes. Cricky’sGoldenEyes will race on Wednesday in a $15K 6 furlong claimer on the dirt at Belmont with Cornelio Velasquez in the irons. However, today’s news is about crowing a little (OK… a lot!) about last night’s 5 Tonys for our show, Peter and the Starcatcher.

We would have liked to win every one of our 9 nominations but it’s hard to go up against a play that won last year’s Pulitzer Prize or a director named Mike Nichols. Even so, Peter and the Starcatcher won more Tony awards than any other play this season.

Happily, Christian Borle won a Tony for Best Actor in a Featured Role saving me perhaps, $25,000. On Opening Night I told him if he didn’t win a Tony for his performance, I’d buy him one. Finding an old Tony award that someone is selling can be quite difficult and expensive. But now I don’t have to look for one, since he’s got his own. Yay!

Mary Beth, Wes, Rhoda and I were on hand at the Beacon Theater last night. As you can imagine, it was a fun night. Kudos for everyone associated with Peter and the Starcatcher but especially to our very own partner and Queen of Broadway, Eva Price!

More on horses in a few days.



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Any racing this week?

Nothing’s happening with our thoroughbreds this week… but I do hear there will be some races at Belmont on Saturday. One of them will be at 1 ½ miles. It’s known as The Belmont Stakes, where I’ll Have Another will be looking for another win… a win that will put him into the history books as the first winner of the Triple Crown in the 21st century. So, no matter what I decide to bet, part of me will be rooting for the first Triple Crown winner in 34 years. I saw Secretariat, Seattle Slew and Affirmed do it in the 70’s on TV. We’ll be at Belmont for this try.

As for betting on the Belmont, it’s hard to take an odds-on favorite on a risk-reward basis… but I’ll leave that for a time closer to the actual race.

On the good news front, it seems that Dr. Patty Hogan believes that Awakino Cat’s throat ulcer can be handled without surgery. I hope she’s right because it is always better to avoid surgery… unless it’s the only cure. It’ll be at least a few weeks at the hospital for treatment, turn-out and monitoring. Hopefully, he’ll be ready to race at Saratoga which has been his favorite racetrack!

Marvelthisbliss runs at Saratoga Harness tonight and Numismatic runs tomorrow night… both run from post position 7, which is a disadvantage. We’ll see if they can overcome their posts. It’s race 8 tonight at 9:25 and race 12 tomorrow night at 10:45. We’ll be rooting!

Have a lovely weekend!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Racing results

Marvelthisbliss won on Thursday night at Saratoga Harness. This time they didn’t catch him! It was a good win after being nipped the last two races.

Numismatic came in 4th after having to be severely checked when the horse in front of him slowed dramatically and when Numismatic tried to go to the outside, he was pinched back by a horse to his outside. Still finished fast to garner 4th place.

Awakino Cat finished 3rd today at Belmont. After a good beginning, Alan Garcia took him back than seemed to sit on him quietly for most of the race. He said he was breathing funny. When he was scoped after the race, he was suffering from palate displacement with an ulcer on his throat. He will be evaluated for possible surgery in the next few days.

After today’s race, we went to see the Mets sweep the Cardinals tonight. Lots of action… but we worry about Awakino Cat. Ahvee’s Destiny had similar surgery and it helped her. We’re hoping for the best.

Have a good week. Next weekend the Belmont Stakes with I’ll Have Another looking for the first Triple Crown in 34 years on Saturday and the Tonys where our play, Peter and the Starcatcher is up for 9 Tonys (most of any play) but we’re not favored to win much. Nonetheless, we can hope!



Thursday, May 31, 2012


Tonight at Saratoga Harness – MarvelThisBliss is in race 11 at 10:25 PM from post 2 is the 2-1 favorite. He’s lost his last two by inches.

Tomorrow night at Saratoga Harness – Numismatic is in race 11 at 10:25 PM from post 5. He’s 10-1 morning line. Last time he was 6th in similar company at 57-1.

Sunday at Belmont – Awakino Cat is running 6 furlongs on the grass for a $75K claiming price from the #4 post in the 2nd race under Alan Garcia. No morning line available yet. Glad that Alan is riding. He’s done well with him in the past.

Have a lovely weekend!



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Not 10-1, 58-1

Eric was wrong. Numismatic wasn’t strong enough for his competition. The bettors thought so little of him, they made him the longest shot in the race at 58-1… and they were mostly right, since he finished 6th… but very close to the third place finisher.

On the other hand, It’s Truly Ahvee had so many horses scratch in his race because they took it off the turf, that his morning line of 8-1 turned into 2-1… and he ran like it too, going wire to wire and winning by over 6 lengths! How happy we were. Rhoda’s baby came home a winner. Pat called from Florida to thank us for giving the horse he picked for us the opportunity to recover from serious physical problems and find his way into the Winner’s Circle. That was very nice of him. And, nice of Don to come give us his support. So glad he got a Winner’s Circle photo and a winning ticket!

The race was sponsored by a family who lost their daughter/sister as a result of an automobile accident 20 years ago in which she was a pedestrian. Apparently, she was always at the track taking photographs. So, the track named a race for her a few days after her passing. The family has kept the tradition up since. It’s sad but it’s also a good story of how a family binds together.

This “Ahvee” reminded me of Ahvee’s Destiny’s first victory. When he came around the stretch turn in front, I was afraid he’d fold in the stretch. Instead, he increased his victory margin without much coaxing. Now, if he can run as well as Ahvee’s Destiny, he might turn into something. Unlikely, but we can dream. Yay, It’s Truly Ahvee!

For those who remember Arielle’s Song, she came in last in a six horse filed at Presque Isle today. I hope she is enjoying racing more than we had her.

Best to all for a fine holiday weekend (I know this Win made our weekend!),


Thursday, May 24, 2012

What to do until the Triple Crown attempt...

On June 9th, I’ll Have Another will attempt to be the first Triple Crown winner in 34 years. We’re planning on being there to see him succeed (or not). He’s won all his races this year and seems to get better with each one. Plus, he doesn’t have Bodemeister to contend in this one!

In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for Marvelthisbliss coming in second place in the last stride for the second time in a row. I guess that’s a lot of seconds! His time was very sharp and tomorrow night his stablemate, Numismatic, will try to follow up Sunday’s win in a cheap race with a race that’s more than double Sunday’s purse size. I wonder if it will be too much for him but Eric says he’s doing better and better. Of course, the track handicapper doesn’t agree, since he’s set the Morning Line on Numismatic at 10-1. It’s race 11 at 10:25PM on Friday. He’ll becoming from Post position 2. Root for Numismatic.

Then, on Saturday, It’s Truly Ahvee will run in the fifth race at 6 furlongs on the turf (hopefully!) with Ramon Dominguez in the saddle. I haven’t touched base with Linda but I’d assume he’ll run whether or not the race stays on the turf. It seems like a wide open race. Let’s hope this Ahvee breaks his maiden!

Have a lovely holiday weekend. Think of these and other lovely horses.



Monday, May 21, 2012

Preakness result

Exacta lost $5.40. Trifecta made $22.80. Whoopee!

Avram C. Freedberg

Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is horse racing, so anyone can come up with a big race. However, I’m in with the punters. With all horses at the same odds, I favor Bodemeister. At current odds, Creative cause might be a good bet.

I’ve taken them with Went the Day Well and I’ll Have Another in an exacta box and trifecta box.

This is anything but a different view than anyone else, so do your own thing. Best of luck!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Dead Last

Awakino Cat’s first race this year in Florida was encouraging. Today’s race in Baltimore was discouraging. My hope was that he would assume the mantle of a successful stakes horse that we had on Ahvee’s Destiny… but, today at least, that was not to be. He got off to a decent start but was squeezed by the horses around him and then hard checked when the rider, Eddie Castro tried moving him up and met a wall of horses in front of him. By the time they got to the stretch, he was used up and did not show any memory of his usual strong finish. He finished last.

Last night, Marvelthisbliss, just missed winning his race at Saratoga Harness. In my opinion, he was used up early but still managed to hold off the winner until the last stride to come in second. He ran in claiming company and looked good.

It’s the Preakness tomorrow. If I have any ideas on how to bet it, I’ll let you know. Frankly, I’m a little down in the dumps from today’s effort – or lack of it – by Awakino. This too shall pass. Have a lovely weekend!



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tonight and tomorrow

Marvelthisbliss will run in the 9th race tonight in a $15K claimer at Saratoga Harness with Chris Long, his regular driver, in the sulky. He’s 5-2 morning line from the 3 hole.

Awakino Cat will be running 5 furlongs on the grass in the Jim McKay Turf Sprint at Pimlico which is the 9th race on Friday. Eddie Castro will be aboard. He rode Awakino to a 3rd place finish in the Jim McSorley Stakes last year at Monmouth. Though there is tough competition and we do want to test him out at a longer distance, the competition in the mile at Monmouth on Saturday is too tough. He has never beaten Ben’s Cat, the favorite in the sprint, but at 10-1 morning line, we hope to see him on the board… and, if he performs well, we may send him to Canada for a 7 furlong graded Stakes in 10 days.

Go Awakino (Don’t say go “Cat.” Let Ben’s Cat’s connections root for him.)!



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where oh where will the Cat go?

Last weekend was a nice one, even though we weren’t in synch with the horses. While we were in Saratoga, Cricky’sGoldenEyes was running at Belmont. He looked like he could win as they came into the stretch but two others had faster finishes and he eked out a third place finish by a nose. This was only his third race and he continues to improve. He’s still a claiming horse but I hope we’ll get to try him on the turf.

Returned on Sunday morning for Beth’s B-day party so, of course, Numismatic ran at Saratoga Harness that afternoon. It was a cheap race but it’s our first Harness Racing win! He was the favorite and started out in the lead but was passed by the second favorite before the first quarter. He didn’t stay there long, as he came on again and then never relinquished the lead to win by daylight. It was nice to break the schneid.

Awakino Cat was entered in a Stakes Race that wasn’t used by the Racing Secretary on Sunday, when the weather was perfect. Instead, they rescheduled it for today when the grass course was too wet from the recent rains. So, Awakino was scratched. He is entered in 5 furlong sprint at Pimlico on Friday, the day before the Preakenss. He is in the 5-hole. He is also entered at a mile on Saturday at Monmouth but he is coming out of the 10th post position and there will be at least one multi-million dollar winner as his competition. What will happen this weekend? We’ll see what Linda says tomorrow.



Thursday, May 10, 2012


I’m really disappointed and frustrated. They didn’t use the
Stakes race we’d been waiting for Awakino on Sunday. However, Cricky is entered
in the 4th race on Saturday but we’ll be in Saratoga. Hopefully, Jim
Sr. and Jr. will go for that race.

Numismatic will run at Saratoga Harness on Sunday afternoon.
MarvelthisBliss will probably not go until Wednesday night.

Have a great weekend!


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Monday, May 7, 2012

My First Trip to the Kentucky Derby

I'm a little frustrated. I wanted to send out my selections prior to the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby but my I-Pad would not access my list. Then, I tried to write up this e-mail on my I-Pad but when I shut it down on the plane, it did not retain what I had written. So, sorry for the lack of communication.

1The subject line above reads like a school essay. In many ways, it feels like one because I'd never experienced the Kentucky Derby on site before and while I knew alot about what to expect, I was often surprised.

We were supposed to be in an exclusive area where I assumed I'd be comfortable and outside the crush of the most of the 165,000 attendees. Unfortunately, at times, it seemed like the whole crowd was in the Turf Club, where we sat, and too many of them were milling around us, often making it very difficult to see the races and enjoy the experience.

The best way to SEE the Kentucky Derby is on large screen TV in the comfort of your own home. However, being at a live sporting event has an electricity that can't be matched by any television set. The noise is deafening at Madison Square Garden when the Rangers take the ice in the deciding game of a Stanley Cup series. So it goes with football (have you ever been in one of those stadiums that hold over 100,000 people?). Same is true for the World Series or any pivotal game or historical rivalry... or when you join with 165,000 others and sing My Old Kentucky Home at the Kentucky Derby! It's very special... And so were the people we met in Louisville.

We'd met several of Mike's Kentucky pals in Saratoga last summer but it was just to say hello. This time we got to spend time with them and were the beneficiaries of their kindness... From being picked up by Chris at the airport or by Mark to take us to dinner or by Popsy and Jan who took us back and forth by Limo to Churchill Downs both days.
It seems that everyone loves their alcohol in Kentucky. At Popsy's home each morning, we drank Mimosas or Bloody Marys... at 9:30 in the morning.

At Churchill Downs, we were served Lilies, the Official drink of the Kentucky Oaks on Friday (and anything else we wanted) all day long. I assumed this was a method of making you not care about losing your money! Similarly, the Mint Juleps flowed all of Saturday. Plus, both days saw distillers, like Macallan, Moet & Chandon and Woodford Reserve give out free samples of their wares!

Yes, the celebs were all there... Ashton Kutcher and the New England Patriot's Tom Brady were nearby, while the brooding Aaron Rodgers and several of his Green Bay Packers sat at the next table and asked Security to keep the people away, making it even more difficult for us to see the races.

3The fashions ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. It was the perfect place to to gawk at celebs, people watch and check out jewelry. In short, it was the perfect place for Rhoda to spend the weekend! We even "crashed" a party benefitting disabled jockeys and checked out the auction items. Next time -- if there is a next time -- we'll go to other events as well.

So, how did the horse race handicapping go, you ask? Well, Friday was Kentucky Oaks day and we did quite well. We had several winning tickets throughout the day and capped it off by hitting the $173.20 exacta in the Kentucky Oaks won by Believe You Can.

Saturday was another story. I made one handicapping error when I changed my exacta bet to Key one horse as the winner, so I could get another horse on the card without increasing my bet. So, of course, the extra horse ran out of the money but my "key" horse came in second to one fo the others on the card. That hurt.

Finally, I had a winning exacta but it was two favorites, resulting in a net $5 gain for that race.

Then, came the Derby, which I'd been doing well handicapping the last few years. However, with so many evenly matched horses, I let a bias against California horses see most of my selections run out of the money.

The one save turned out to be a Superfecta pool with eight of us paticipating, where we each selected one horse and bet $210 for a total of $1,680... it was an 8-horse box of $1 on each Superfecta (top four horses in a row). There were 1680 $1 combinations. Mike D. picked Dullahan and I picked Bodemeister. Two of the six Kentuckians picked Went the Day Well and I'll Have Another.

2When they passed the finish line we knew that I'll Have Another was the winner over Bodemeister, who was second but we didn't know who had finished third or fourth. The, they posted Dullahan for third and Went the Day Well for fourth... unbelievably, we'd won! Now the question was what would it pay? Bodemeister was the favorite but the others were all in double figure odds.

It took some time for them to calculate the payouts. Then they posted the results. They showed the payout for a $2 ticket but we had only bet $1 on each combination. Nonetheless, we couldn't believe it. For $2, the Superfecta paid over ninety-six thousand dollars. That meant, ~$48,000 for our $1 bet!! Wow! The government took ~$15,000 but that left $33,000 to split 8 ways. The money was certainly nice but the excitement of this victory was very special. We had never been involved in such a payoff before. It made up for not having the winner myself!

We'd told Mike D. that he was the leader for the weekend. He got the tickets, invited us and introduced us to his friends. Once again, he did not lead us astray. We'll follow him anywhere!

Linda Rice said she'd come next year. I told Mike that the Morning Line was 8 - 1 against... but he's much more optimistic. I hope he's right!

Saturday night, MarvelthisBliss ran 7th. We told Eric to consider putting our acquisitions in claiming races and trading for some better stock. It is frustrating not to have a single harness win.

Depending on the weather, we'll be looking for Awakino Cat to race on the grass on Sunday and maybe It's Truly Ahvee on Saturday. We'll let you know if anything comes to pass or we just end up passing.

Have a great week!


Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Truly Ahvee keeps the streak intact

Last place again. Well, it’s only a streak for him, since Awakino Cat and MarvelThisBliss were second in their debuts a few weeks back but it feels like our horses have turned into what Mary Beth has aptly named, Butt Inspectors… they get a good view of all the other horses’ rear ends!

Well, tomorrow we’ll see if Cricky’sGoldenEyes will look more like a racehorse in the 5th race at Aqueduct at 2:56PM. It’s 6 furlongs with Cornelio Velasquez in the saddle. Cornelio’s been doing well lately. So, we’ll hope for the best. The Morning Line has him at 5-1, so you can imagine the quality of this field!

Then, on Saturday night at Saratoga Harness our Pacer, MarvelThisBliss, will run from the rail in the number 1 spot. He’s 4-1 Morning Line in race #6 at 8:45PM.

Numismatic, our Trotter, will try and break out of his last place finishes at 10-1 on Sunday afternoon in Saratoga. At least, we’ll get some real odds for this attempt… of course, he’s got to win or come close for the odds to be of help to us!

Well, that’s a lot of action. Hope I don’t have to give you another butt report on Monday!

Have a nice weekend,


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Peter and the Starcatcher Opens on Broadway! Ahvee and the Starcatcher at Aqueduct!

Our Broadway opening was exciting and so were the reviews (see below).

It’s Truly Ahvee is in the 4th race tomorrow at the Big A. We’ll be there with Hanan’s great grandfather, Mary Beth, Harvey and Barbara. Rhoda’s favorite horse is 6-1 in the morning line with Ramon Dominguez aboard.

Cricky’sGoldenEyes will run 6 furlongs in Saturday’s 5th race with Cornelio Velasquez aboard. He wasn’t very good in his first race. We’ll hope for better.

The horses have begun populating the Oklahoma training track stables in Saratoga. Our Awakino Cat and Hear the Footsteps are there. It’s getting active and fun for us to watch through the internet.

All the best,


Saturday, April 14, 2012


Numismatic did it again. Our trotter looked like he was coming on into the stretch when he broke stride, losing his gait and finishing last. That’s two in a row!

Tonight, MarvelThisBliss, our Pacer, runs in the 6th race at Saratoga Harness out of the 3 hole. He finished 2nd last time. Let’s hope he does at least as well.

It’s Truly Ahvee will run Thursday at Aqueduct in a $30K Maiden Claimer at 6 ½ furlongs with Ramon Dominguez up. He should be competitive. It’s the fourth race at 2:25. He’s in post #4. We plan on being there.

We also plan on being at the Broadway opening of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER tomorrow night. Very excited about it and about our partner Eva Price being chosen by Crain’s NY Business as one of NY’s 40 under 40. We’ve always called her the Queen of Broadway. I think that’s even better and more appropriate! Congrats, Eva. Look for the reviews. We will be doing that anxiously!

More to come soon.



Monday, March 26, 2012

Special Day

Today, at the Bris, I learned my new grandson was being named after my dad. When they announced the Hebrew name, it hit me like lightning. Some of the attendees were worried I was going to drop the baby. Then I heard they had designated the “H” name for Tamar’s grandmother, Hilda, a spectacular woman, beautiful in spirit as well as physically beautiful. So, in English, he will be known as Hanan (rhymes with Shannon). WOW. A surprise worth waiting for!

Then we found out that we may have another grandchild next year. This one, the four-legged kind. Yes, Ahvee’s Destiny is officially “in foal!” If all goes well, she will become a mommy next February.

Awakino Cat got a respectable 87 Beyer speed rating for yesterday’s race. We look forward to more out of him!

Cricky’sGoldenEyes breezed nicely today. Hopefully, the right race will come along for him in the next few days.

Have a good week!



Special Day

Today, at the Bris, I learned my new grandson was being named after my dad. When they announced the Hebrew name, it hit me like lightning. Some of the attendees were worried I was going to drop the baby. Then I heard they had designated the “H” name for Tamar’s grandmother, Hilda, a spectacular woman, beautiful in spirit as well as physically beautiful. So, in English, he will be known as Hanan (rhymes with Shannon). WOW. A surprise worth waiting for!

Then we found out that we may have another grandchild next year. This one, the four-legged kind. Yes, Ahvee’s Destiny is officially “in foal!” If all goes well, she will become a mommy next February.

Awakino Cat got a respectable 87 Beyer speed rating for yesterday’s race. We look forward to more out of him!

Cricky’sGoldenEyes breezed nicely today. Hopefully, the right race will come along for him in the next few days.

Have a good week!



Sunday, March 25, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly

Let’s start with the “bad.” On Saturday our long legged beauty, It’s Truly Ahvee, was fractious in the paddock, rearing up when they cinched his saddle on tight. It was a little scary, seeing him get up on his hind legs and tower over us all. I wasn’t scared for us (though maybe I should have been) but was worried that he might flip over and hurt himself. Happily, the groom got him under control and everything proceeded normally.

Out of the gate, he got off to a good start but then fell behind and never seemed to be in the race or in the mood for running. He ran “green.” That doesn’t mean he was ecology minded, just that he needs some seasoning in race running. Perhaps, he didn’t like the dirt in his face or he was a bit spent emotionally from his experience in the paddock. Whatever the reason, he ran poorly, finished last and left us very disappointed. I doubt he’ll turn into a champ but maybe he can do better at longer races and/or on the grass. Otherwise, he’ll have to run with cheaper company.

The old man (7 years old), Awakino Cat, was the “good.” He ran today in Florida at Gulfstream and looked good from start to finish. Happily, he did not get claimed. He ran second and his usual big finish. His performance gave us hope for more good things from him and, hopefully, we’ll give him some longer races than the 5 furlongs he raced today, so that big finish can have the time necessary to get him to the top. Yay, Awakino!

The “ugly” was the article on the treatment of horses and high incidence of horses being fatally hurt during racing. I’ve not read the whole article, but rather than discuss abuses by certain trainers or in specific jusrisdictions, it seemed to be a broad indictment of everyone is U.S. racing. I’ll have more comments when I read it in its entirety. However, I can tell that the care I’ve seen in Linda’s stable is outstanding. Each horse is evaluated daily. She does not push a horse that is troubled. She takes her time bringing them to the races in the first place and doesn’t run them more frequently than she believes each horse can handle. They are groomed and well cared for. You’d be proud of how they are treated.

Having been the object of media frenzy, I can only say, don’t take everything you read as gospel and assume the writer(s) may have their own agendas (not the least of which is to make a name for themselves). As you know, you are invited to see our horses at Belmont, Saratoga or in Florida anytime, so you can judge for yourself. We love our horses and though there are bad apples at the bottom of varfious barrels, we believe that the vast majority of those involved in the sport feel the same way.



Friday, March 23, 2012

Bad news

Due to an Equine Virus at Saratoga Harness Track, all racing has been canceled for the weekend to avoid any contagion. That means that Numismatic and MarvelThisBliss will not get to run until this ban is lifted… maybe next weekend.

We tried to claim a horse at Aqueduct today and lost a 3-way shake. So, we didn’t get her. This must be at least the fourth in a row that we’ve lost via shake. Is it me or Linda’s bad luck!?

Tomorrow, It’s Truly Ahvee (the almost named, Stuck With You) runs in the third race. We’ll be there!

For all our Florida people, on Sunday, Awakino Cat will run his first race in six months in the third race at Gulfstream, an optional claimer. He’s in the outside post, number 7. We can only hope for no rain and a good result.



Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 longshots

Friday night it’s Numismatic in the 12th race at Saratoga Harness from the 7 post. He’s 10-1 Morning Line after his last place finish two weeks ago and with his outside post in this race.

Saturday sees It’s Truly Ahvee at Aqueduct running in a 6 furlong Maiden Special Weight also from the 7 post with Irad Ortiz, Jr. the jockey. He hasn’t raced in 18 months, so he’s the longest shot in the race at 12-1 Morning Line. This is Rhoda’s baby. She’s always loved his long legs and you can’t argue that he looked terrific, when we saw him a few months ago. Hope he looks as good on Saturday but, of course, no matter what he looks like, we hope he’ll run well.

MarvelThisBliss, our pacer, who put some money in the bank with his 2nd place finish two weeks ago, comes from the 5th post and is 8-1 Morning Line. Let’s hope we surprise them all again!

My grandson, is even money to lose a little weight on Monday morning when he becomes an official member of the tribe. We’ll love him, no matter what.

Have a lovely weekend,


Monday, March 19, 2012


I thought the excitement of spending time with a foal, a filly, that had been born 12 hours before and playing with an 8-week old colt who loved being handled by people was going to be the highlight of the weekend, but it's topped by hearing that our first grandchild, an 8 lb., 13 oz. boy was born to Tamar and Arielle this morning! Tamar was a superstar and now they're both taking a nap with their son sleeping between them.

Since I am brimming with excitement, I have not "cleared" this announcement with anyone. So, if I've done wrong in any way, I apologize… but this is real news!

I'll tell you more about the grandson (and about how funny Ahvee's Destiny was this weekend) later. Have a great week!


Grandpa A. (or whatever I'll be called!)

Friday, March 16, 2012

It was a bad day

I thought it was a bad day when I heard the HBO show about Horse Racing was canceled due to the death of the third horse to perish while the show was being produced. This horse wasn't running. He was being walked to his stall, when he reared up, fell backwards on his head and had to be euthanized. Fear of animal group backlash, stopped production and ended up canceling the series which had been renewed for a second season earlier this year.

People always ask us about horse personalities… are they all the same?, how do they differ?, etc. We always pointed to the sweetest horse we knew as the example of horse that could be a pet. Her name: Meriwether Jessica. When we first met her, she was owned by MMTAGC Mike Dickinson (that stands for Much More than a GC). Mike ended up selling her to Patsy Symons and Patsy recently sold her to Stonestreet Farm (the home of Horse of the Year, Curlin and Rachel Alexandra) as a broodmare.

You could come right up to Meriwether Jessica (MJ for short) and hug her. She loved it. If you tried to leave, she'd start bowing her head, inviting you back for more hug time. What a gentle animal and a star on the track too!

She'd been mated to a wonderful sire named Street Cry and was out in the corral with other horses, when one of them got a little wild and kicked her in the head. She had to be euthanized. Writing this just brings more tears to my eyes. What a shame! This was really a bad day… not just for me but for all those involved with this very special horse. RIP, MJ.

We have no runners this week. Maybe it's better to take it easy and go hug some of our horses.

May the weekend bring better days for us all.



Monday, March 12, 2012

The lowdown on Numismatic

I expected to have this info early yesterday but only received it later in the day when I was already attending a wedding. Numismatic was dehydrated and required intravenous fluids. His white blood cell count was not normal. The Vet thinks he was just finishing a low-grade cold. The Vet will check him tomorrow and, if all is well, he will be entered again for next weekend.

MarvelthisBliss ran on Saturday night, while I was attending a concert by the Midtown Men (four originals from Jersey Boys who sing Four Seasons tunes and songs from the 60's. They're produced by my friend Ken Wirth). The strategy for our almost 9-1 pacer from the number 2 position was to put him in back of the number 1 favorite, Myster Bono. This would force the inner horse to run into the wind while Marvel would run covered up… an easier trip. I brought my I-Pad to the concert but could not get a video signal. So, I talked to Eric at the intermission. Our plan did not work out that way.

Myster Bono appeared rank (hard to handle) and we were forced to go to the front. MarvelThisBliss ran well but could not stave off the stretch charge of the 2-1 GreatHeartHanover whose odds were affected by a lot of late money. Still we ran second and brought home our first harness racing paycheck. He paid $6.40 to Place and $6 to Show (the high show price is reflective of all the money bet on Mr. Bono to Show but he ran off the board).

I was surprised to find out that Harness racing purse distribution is different from Throughbred racing. First place gets 45% compared to 60%. Second place gets 25% compared with 20%. Third gets 15% compared to 10%. Fourth gets 10% compared to 5%. Fifth gets 5% compared to 2 or 3%.

We hope to get the opportunity to see them race next weekend. Of course, who knows when our grandson will decide to appear. The due date is the 21st. So, we have to be on our toes.



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dead Last

Numismatic tried to keep up with Mr. Invincible but, instead, appeared to run himself into the ground. We await the vet's report on his blood and after scoping his throat and breathing tubes.

Let's hope MarvelThisBliss does a better job tonight in the sixth race at 8:45 PM.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Freud smoked a cigarette...

…and Ahvee's Destiny had a smile on her face, after they consummated the act. In horse lingo, they say, Freud "covered" Ahvee's Destiny.

Today, she ovulated, which is a good sign. In eighteen days, we'll know whether she is "in foal."

Tonight, Numismatic runs in the tenth race at Saratoga Harness. Tomorrow, MarvelThisBliss runs in the sixth race. Eric thinks we will be first or second in both… we'll see!

It's Truly Ahvee is "tucked up." It means his stomach is flattening out because he doesn't eat enough and losses weight from his workouts. I wish I was tucked up. For him, it means a little less work than might be usual before entering a race. Linda says she sees a possible race for him on March 28th. We can't wait!

Cricky'sGoldenEyes is a little sore in his joints but should be fine. Let's hope so. He's been on vacation for most of his life!

Awakino Cat may be ready to race by April and Hear the Footsteps should be going back in training up here soon.

Have a lovely weekend and keep that picture of Ahvee's Destiny smiling in your mind! It's definitely in mine.



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tomorrow is the day

The honeymoon is on and they're not even getting married… well married up is more like it. Ahvee's Destiny will meet her Momentary Lover, Freud, tomorrow. Then, if everything goes well, it will take a few weeks to know whether she's in foal.

Cricky'sGoldenEyes jumped up coming out of the gate last Saturday. He eventually finished fifth and was given a very low speed rating by the Beyer people. Ramon said Cricky will do better in the future.

Numismatic, our trotter, will start from the one hole at Saratoga Harness on Friday night. He's in the 10th race. In harness racing, having the one position gives you an advantage. Let's hope he's up to the task. Eric believes so!

MarvelThisBliss, our pacer, will start in the sixth race on Saturday night from the number two position.

We're looking forward to both.



Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Vagaries of Horse Racing

Just found out there were so many entries at Saratoga Harness that we didn't get in for Sunday. It will be next Sunday, March 11th… a good day for a wedding. That's where we will be!


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And so it begins...

Both Standardbreds ran qualifying races at Saratoga yesterday and will be entered to race for real on Sunday. (In harness racing, a qualifying race is run when a horse has not run for some time. The horse must show the ability to stay on-gait [pacing or trotting] and be faster than the minimum standard established that day by the Racing Secretary). Eric says they both looked good and are ready to run.

Cricky'sGoldenEyes is entered to run in a maiden claiming race, the 2nd race on Saturday at Aqueduct with the leading rider, Ramon Dominguez, in the saddle. It's six furlongs on the dirt. We've had this four year old thoroughbred since he was a weanling (less than one year old). He's been injured and will get his first chance to compete in this race.

It will certainly be a busy weekend with three races, a dinner honoring my Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law on Saturday night in Great Neck, Long Island and leaving for Aipac in Washington, DC at 4 AM on Sunday morning! We come back from DC on Tuesday night but before we get home, we will stop in NYC and meet Mike and Linda for dinner. Then, we'll catch our breaths.

Tomorrow, Numismatic and MarvelThisBliss will be entered for Sunday's Saratoga card. I'll follow up after that.