Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, the Saratoga Meet has been going for a full week now. Tomorrow, we're on our way. Lots of people to see, places to go and horses to feed.

Awakino Cat will likely be shipped to Penn National for a big $200K race on Saturday night but, at this moment, even that's not certain.

Hear the Footsteps runs in the 10th race on Sunday. That's firm, if it stays on the grass (pun intended).

Ahvee's Destiny will pass a race tomorrow at Penn National for a Stakes race on the grass in Saratoga on Monday. We've been assured it will happen.

Will let you know more when we know more. Hopefully, very soon.

Have a wonderful weekend! If you haven't made your plans to visit Saratoga Springs, you will miss out not only on horses but on everything else this college town (Skidmore) and the environs have to offer (from spa treatments to concerts, from ballooning to White Water rafting, from Theme parks to museums… I could go on and on). We don't take Visa or Mastercard, not Amex nor Discover, not even cash. We've got 5 bedrooms and a pool. Come and enjoy!

Hope to see you,



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not horse related but fun

Want to see some entertaining shows that have received nice reviews from even the NY Times? Try The Judy Show: My Life as a Sitcom. Judy Gold's one-woman show is playing at DR2 (That's Daryl Roth's theater #2 on 15th Street between Park Ave. South and Irving Place). She's a 6ft 3in Jewish Lesbian with kids… need I say more? But rather than me, check the reviews.

Then, how about the Israeli created VocaPeople at the Westside Theater on 43rd Street just west of 9th Avenue. They are a group of 8 great singers from the planet Voca, where music is life. They look like the Blueman Group but all white. After you see and hear their accapella performances, you will understand how much of a good time they must have on the planet Voca. If you read the reviews, you will understand how much of a good time the audience has, especially when they interact with you!

We're the General Managers and one of the Producers through our own, Eva Price, the Queen of Broadway! Go… you'll have a great time!



Monday, July 18, 2011

Linda's 1000th

I'd like to tell you it was Holy Blitzer but she got a poor start yesterday and Cornelio Velasquez kept his "ofer" streak alive with our stable, guiding Blitzer to a 5th place finish. He's still "o" fer ever, never having won a race on one of our horses. He got her started slowly and got pinched back by other horses, then made it look interesting when he got her to come on as they turned into the stretch. Unfortunately, she flattened out and was passed by others.

As for the trainer's championship at this Belmont meet, Linda was still one behind Todd Pletcher when Sextant entered the gate for the ninth race yesterday. At the finish line, Sextant was a winner, Linda bagged her 1000th win and a tie for the trainer's title! She was the first woman to win a trainer's title at a major U.S. racetrack, in 2009 at Saratoga. This year she has tied for the Spring meet at Aqueduct and, now, Belmont too! Sorry my horses have been no help to her at all this year, as we have not had even one winner… YET! At least, our friend Rob's Jess Not Jesse helped her out at both meets with two wins.

Arielle's Song almost posted her first win for Linda's brother Wayne at Presque Isle Downs, where she finished 2nd for the 2nd time in a row. Wayne may get a win out of her yet!

And now… Saratoga!

Hope to see you there,


Friday, July 15, 2011

Saratoga is about to begin racing

July 22 is opening day. We'll be on a humanitarian mission to Cuba, so we won't be up there until July 29. July 31 should see Hear the Footsteps compete and maybe Ahvee's Destiny too. hey both breezed in the last week, as did Awakino Cat. None had sparkling breeze times.

In the meantime, Holy Blitzer will race on Sunday at Belmont. It's the last racing day. Linda Rice was one win behind Todd Pletcher for the trainer's title going in to today's action. Linda had Resoundingly finish 2nd by a nose and another one finish 3rd. Todd's got some firepower in the last few races today. So, we'll see what develops. Linda beat Todd at Saratoga for the trainer's title two years ago by one victory to become the first woman trainer to win a major race meet in the USA. I hope she wins this one too, because she deserves to be in the Hall of Fame one day.

I've been thinking about the mornings in Saratoga. If you get to the backstretch before dawn, everything seems to be in shades of black and white. Shadows move stealthily in the near darkness. Often there is a foggy mist hanging over the track, which reflects the first streaks of light from the slowly emerging sun. The black and white turns into color, brought to life by small patches of sunlight. The mist is glowing, rising up from the track surface and slowly dissipating into the blue sky above, forming little wispy clouds. The backstretch continues to come alive with not only horses and riders but the early risers looking on with cups of hot Joe in hand to counter the morning's chill. Trainers, jockeys , owners and sightseers mingle together between the coffee hut and the entrance to the racing surface. As the sun continues its ascent, the red and white Saratoga awnings on the other side of the track come to life. It's both a peaceful and exhilirating experience. I can't wait to see it again… to feel it fill my heart with a sense of wonder and majesty. I hope you will make it to Saratoga and participate not just in the thrill of racing, but in the beauty of nature and a sense of awe when you are surrounded by the magnificent animals and people who populate the world of the thoroughbred race horse.

Have a lovely weekend!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Typical Katy...

…or as my friend Milty said, "slow and slower!"

Katy's Office Girl was the favorite and several horses scratched, which we thought was good… but one of the horses would show speed and that left only one other horse with early speed. That horse got a savvy ride from J.J. Castellano who set very slow fractions. That meant all the horses would not be tired late in the race. So, when Katy made her move, everyone else was moving too! She passed them all but could not get to the winner. She ended up second, 3 1/4 lengths behind.

We were worried that Katy was going to get claimed because some other trainers were looking her over, but it did not happen. So, she will come back and race for us another day.

Next Saturday, Hear the Footsteps will, hopefully, run at Belmont. More on that when more is known.

Have a happy Fourth!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Katy runs on Sunday

Katy's Office Girl is entered for the 5th race on Sunday. It's 1 1/16 miles on the grass at Belmont with Ramon Dominguez in the saddle. We're planning to lunch in the Trustee's Room around 1PM. Let me know, if you will join us. In any case, you can join us in the paddock before the race and, if we're lucky, in the Winner's Circle for the photo (I can fantasize can't I?).