Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's not the Kentucky Derby, but...

Katy's Office Girl runs at Belmont on Sunday, May 1st, race 8, 1 1/16 miles on the grass from post position #8 with Ramon Dominguez aboard. It's a $25,000 claiming race, so we could lose her but Ramon has done well riding her.  Let's hope for a victory. For those who like different colors, Katy is a Gray filly. GO KATY!

Ahvee's Destiny will run for the first time at the Atlantic City Race Course on Tuesday May 3rd at 6PM. She is entered in the Tony Gatto Dream Big Stakes at 5 furlongs on the grass. The first time I heard the name of the race, I thought it was Tony Soprano, rather than Gatto. Is there a difference? [PC ALERT] Of course there is!

The whole course in Atlantic City is open for only 6 days. All the races are on the grass. This race is the feature on the final day of racing with a purse of $50K. As with all of Ahvee's races these days, there is lots of competition. She runs from the one-hole. If Joe Bravo gets her out quickly, it may be OK. If he doesn't, she may get stuck behind too many horses. I guess we won't know until they come flying out of the gate. GO AHVEE!

It's Truly Ahvee has a serious tendon tear. It seems like most feel it is unlikely that a horse will make it back to the races when he has been injured very quickly after healing from a prior tear in a different area of the same tendon. We will probably have one more conversation with our friend, Vet David Levine, before making a final decision.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Race results

It rained in sunny Florida on Saturday, so the race for Ahvee's Destiny and Awakino Cat was taken off the grass. Ahvee's Destiny was scratched and Awakino Cat ran. He got out of the gate quickly but the the rider Louis Saez didn't maintain position, letting Awakino get stuck behind horses who were kicking up mud in his face. Then, when a hole opened on the rail, he started for it but instead of filling the hole quickly, he let the horse in front come in on him. Instead of continuing the charge, he swung Awakino very wide, losing any momentum he had built up. Awakino did not finish with his vaunted late turn of foot that has had him win so many races from behind. Instead, he flattened out but still managed to come in third. All in all, an improvement from his first dismal race. Hopefully, he'll continue to improve.

Sounds like Linda wants to wait until May to run Ahvee's Destiny at Pimlico. Will advise as we go forward.

Here's wishing you a Happy Passover or a meaningful Easter holiday. If you don't celebrate either, have a nice day!



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More bad news

It's Truly Ahvee does indeed have a new tear in his tendon. At best, this means we won't see him race until late next year, if ever.

 Now, Cricky'sGoldeneyes has bone chips in one knee and "filling" in the other knee. This will require surgery on both. He's out until late Fall.

 Ahvee's Destiny and Awakino Cat are entered to race on Saturday at Gulfstream… on the grass at 5 furlongs. Little Nick who finished 2nd in the race that A.D. came in 6th and A.C. came in last seems to be the main competition. I'm dreaming of A.D winning while A.C. comes in second, flying at the end. I'd like to see Awakino Cat try longer distances.



Friday, April 8, 2011

Horse Report

It's Truly Ahvee our 3-yr. old colt continues to have a ligament problem down in Florida. He will be taken to the clinic to see whether Stem Cell Therapy is called for or what other treatment can help him recover. This is not good news. At best, he will be out quite a while unless the ultrasound does not show anything.


Katy's Office Girl seems tired and thin. She will be given a little rest. If she doesn't do better on the grass at Belmont, she will be put into claiming races until she reaches a level that she can win at or until someone claims her or both. Of course, neither is a possiblity too.


Holy Blitzer is back and had her first breeze and is looking great, according to Linda. I wonder if she will still look great next month, when she will, hopefully, race on the Belmont grass.


Cricky'sGoldenEyes and Hear the Footsteps also look good. Linda is particularly excited by the way Footsie looks. They are both aiming for races next month at Belmont.


It looks like Ahvee's Destiny and Awakino Cat will do the tandem thing again at Gulfstream next Thursday in a 5 furlong Turf (grass) sprint. Hopefully, they'll both do better than last time. More to come after the entries are announced and we can see whom they will be running against. Samantha, the Assistant Trainer in charge down in Florida thinks they both look great.


In short, we have many horses that look great…. but we don't know if they can run! We can, however, dream…. and we will!


Have a nice weekend,