Sunday, November 30, 2008

Horse Update

Posted by Avram Freedberg

When I heard the voicemail on my cell phone, I was excitedly anxious. Linda seemed happy and said she was having a nice Thanksgiving in Florida with her parents. She said she had been to her cousin Pat’s farm, which has some of the horses and, of course, seen the ones at her parents’ farm. She liked the way they looked and wanted to tell me about them.

The gray babies are almost two years old. Holy Blitzer who had a shattered knee was running well. However, her knee was retaining a little warmth. So, Linda will check on her again at Christmas time. If the condition persists, she’ll probably prepare her for one of the Spring sales. The other gray, Katy’s Office Girl, an Officer filly, looks big, strong and ready to run. Of course, she takes her time with two year olds, so we’ll see when she actually is ready to run.

Conseated Lady should go under tack (back into training) next week. Hopefully her rest will have her ready to go. Linda may X-Ray the fractured area to be sure.

Arielle’s Song was having fun running around and will be ready to go back under tack at the end of December. She may ultra-sound her again to be sure before she goes back into training (that’s what I vote for).

So, then, I ask about Ahvee’s Destiny, who’s scheduled for a race December 13th at Tampa Bay Downs. Turns out that Ahvee has a swollen hoof and a nicked pastern. She is treating her and may have her ultrasounded on Monday to make sure there is no more serious damage. She has responded well to treatment but we want to be sure she is sound before stressing her at the races.

Boo-hoo! To me, this did not sound good. We don’t know if this happened during training or in her stall. We have our Jet Blue reservations and were really looking forward to seeing her run (and winning, of course!). However, her good health is paramount, so we’ll see how this situation develops.

Clyde Rice is home and slowly recovering. However, his medications are making him nauseous and he is not holding down his food. This is problematic, since he needs his strength to recover but doesn’t want to eat. Linda said she saw fear in his eyes for the first time in her life. Those of us with elderly, frail parents can certainly relate. Clyde was anything but frail before his accident. His diabetes and macular degeneration had not slowed him down too much.

I’ve been pretty lucky. My parents are still with me and they’re both about 87 years old. Now my dad has become very debilitated physically. It’s hard to see your tower of strength weaken. It’s hard for them and hard for you. I guess we’ll have to concentrate on counting our blessings.

GO AHVEE! Get well fast.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Posted by Avram Freedberg

Rexy finally ran today in a $7500 claimer at Finger Lakes and came in 2nd, making $1900 for her new owners. This seems to be the right level for her to compete in.

Good luck, Rexy. We miss you but hope you’re happy.

Now, I’m wondering when Linda will find a new horse she wants us to buy. Hope it’s after I recover some money from the current debacle!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good News

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Clyde Rice left the hospital today and is resting at home. I think the doctors wanted him to go to rehab, but he feels more comfortable at home. This in itself is a good sign. May he recuperate quickly and get back in the saddle, when his body is ready (and not one minute before!).

Ahvee’s Destiny arrived safely in Florida. She’s at Linda’s cousin’s facility down the road from Clyde’s place in Anthony, FL. She’s already training again, getting ready for us and her race next month.

BTW, Linda said that her review of the DVD of the $200K Stakes Race in Philly lead her to the conclusion that the race was probably lost by both horse and rider. I told her she was copping out and she had to pick one. So, she picked the horse (I told her I’d rather it was the horse because I loved her anyway but didn’t want to feel cheated by a bad ride from the jockey).

Unfortunately, a “daddy” doesn’t easily accept criticism of his “daughter.” So, I challenged Linda (she says I scolded her) about certain aspects of the ride. In the end, she said that Ahvee’s Destiny may not have been able to deal with her adverse trip in the race, but the rider could have done many things differently, so the trip might not have turned out as adverse as it did.

OK. Enough said. It’s time for me to let go. Can I do it? I hope so… but first I’ll have to work on her mother!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Could you use some good news?

Posted by Avram Freedberg

I could… it’s been a bad week for my friends. Losing a parent is bad enough. Finding out a friend’s child has a terminal disease sucks (pardon the crude language, but it fits).

At least, Clyde Rice is doing better. He is out of ICU and Linda actually got to speak with him today. Let’s hope this one turns out well. Thanks for your prayers.

On the horse front, we’re looking for a jockey for Ahvee’s Destiny’s Tampa race. We plan on going and trying to take a side trip to Ocala (actually, Anthony, FL) to visit the rest of the “brood” and, hopefully, Clyde and Jeanne Rice at Indian Prairie Ranch.

Saw a photo of a Chocolate Havanese puppy today named Rahm. If he becomes a family member, will that make me “Av-Rahm?”

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Say a little prayer

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Yesterday, Clyde Rice, our trainer Linda’s father, was bucked off a quarter horse. Apparently, he initially landed on the horn of the saddle. He suffered five broken ribs, a collapsed lung and had to have his spleen removed. Today, they gave him an epidural to relieve pain, in the hope that he will breathe better. They are worried about pneumonia or other infection attacking him. He’s 71 years old.

Last year his brother, Don, was killed when a horse crashed out of a corral and knocked the gate into his head. We are hoping and praying for a much better result. It just doesn’t seem fair.

On the racing side of things, Ahvee’s Destiny had a dull workout today at Saratoga… 4 furlongs in :49+, galloping out 5 furlongs in 1:02. This was characterized by Linda as a maintenance workout before she ships on Friday to Florida.

Rexy will run for her new owners on Friday at Finger Lakes in an allowance race. We’ll be watching her. Go Rexy!

Most of all, GO CLYDE!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tampa Bay here we come

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Yes, we got the benefit of jockey, Eibar Coa, who won on Ahvee’s Destiny in ’07 at Saratoga, being in Kentucky and available to ride her. However, the purse was smaller than we thought, since some of it was for Kentucky bred horses only and no one else could be found to share the van with Ahvee’s Destiny, making it very expensive. Couple that with some good competition and watch Ahvee’s Destiny heading for Florida and the December 13th race at Tampa Bay Downs.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get down there, especially since we hope to get to spend some time with our friend Patsy who lives in Arcadia. She told us it’s not too far from the track. So, we’re looking forward to the opportunity.

That’s it for now… and probably for a while. So, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Posted by Avram Freedberg

Ahvee’s Destiny will be entered in the Churchill Downs race tomorrow. It’s to run on Saturday. We’ll see who is entered and decide whether to go by end of day tomorrow. If she goes to Churchill, she will ship down to Florida after the race and pint to the Tampa Bay Downs race on December 13th. Then she’ll get a well-deserved rest to freshen up for 2009.

Dr. Patty Doyle read Arielle’s Song’s Ultrasound. There is significant reduction in the tendon swelling. However, some of her tissue in that does not appear to be as dense as it should be. The prescription is for her to be turned out for 60 days and re-ultrasounded after that time. It is hoped that running easily on her own will put sufficient stress on the tendon to help with the density and not being “in training” will provide sufficient rest for the rest of the swelling to resolve. So far, Arielle’s Song has been a Veterinarian’s dream, spending more time recovering from ailments, rather than running. She is already on her way down to Florida.

By next week, all 5 will be enjoying the balmy Florida climate. Sounds good to me!

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