Thursday, November 29, 2012

Footsie, Cricket and Cameron Lucky

Not wins, of course, but running out of the money. Both Numismatic and No Show Bates were favorites but didn’t run like that. 4th for No Show Bates (he lived up to his name) and 7th for Numismatic, who apparently flipped his palate and couldn’t breathe.

We’re nearing the end of the line with Numismatic. Eric will try a side tongue tie and, maybe, we will try him at a larger oval like the Meadowlands. If he doesn’t perform, we’ll have to get him out of inventory.

They didn’t race on the grass today at Aqueduct. If that situation persists, Hear the Footsteps will be scratched tomorrow. Hopefully, he’ll get to run in the 7th race at 3:14PM.

Jose thanks you for your support. He is doing well.



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jose has Microvascular Dysplasia

We are told this is a congenital condition which will, hopefully, have no effect on his lifespan or quality of life. In fact, they say that under the circumstances (high liver enzymes), this is the best outcome. There is no cancer or any other life threatening condition, thank God.

Hopefully, his sutures will be removed by end of week and he can continue being his cute self without having to contend with the Elizabethan collar (which we now remove when we can keep an eye on him).

Yay, Jose. We love you so-o-o much!

Cameron Lucky finished a fast closing fourth on Sunday. Tonight both No Show Bates and Numismatic will race at Saratoga Harness. Friday, Hear the Footsteps is entered at Aqueduct where we hope they will be able to run his race on the grass. We expect It’s Truly Ahvee to be entered for Saturday at Aqueduct. So, lots of action upcoming!

Jean Adsit had 4 ½ hours of back surgery on Monday and I’m happy to report that she is doing well. Her doctor says she is going to hate him for the next two weeks but then, she’ll start to feel better and get to a point where her prior pains will be gone. Let’s hope so!



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jose out of surgery

He’s fine. They took biopsies of Liver but found nothing in the gall bladder system. Obviously, his distended gall bladder and high liver enzymes are trying to tell us something. So, we hope the biopsies will lead us to the correct course of treatment. Very frustrating.

Go Jose!

We will get him back from hospital tomorrow afternoon, if all continues to go well. He will be active movement restricted until the sutures are removed and will have to wear an Elizabethan collar. Ugh!

Thanks for your concern!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Jose goes under the knife

Thanks to Dr. Ed, we got an early appointment with the surgeon and his surgery to “explore” his gall bladder. Take biopsies of his liver and check out his duct system will take place tomorrow morning. He’s only 4 years old and a wonderful dog whom everyone loves. We are anxious and hopeful. Good luck Jose! Make it a happy Thanksgiving.

On a much lesser note, Cameron Lucky did hit the board yesterday, finishing 3rd in her race at Saratoga Harness. It is expected that all 3 harness horses will run next Sunday.

I’ll wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now, but I know you will want an update on Jose’s condition. So, more tomorrow.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


Cornelio was told to keep him close to the front and not get caught stuck behind horses. So, naturally, he started in 8th position and got him stuck behind horses. Still he got within 1 ½ lengths of the winner and finished 4th.  Just as naturally, Linda had another horse in the race, one which she owned, Quick Money. At the start they bumped each other and Quick Money finished 3rd, just ahead of Footsie. UGH!

Cameron Lucky runs at Saratoga Harness in Sunday’s 9th race from the #3 position with Billy Dobson driving. It is the same class that she ran in last week to no avail. However, the two favorites have outside posts, so there’s a shot she can hit the board.

No Show Bates, our gift horse, ran 2nd last Wednesday night and will be entered for next Wednesday. Numismatic had to re-qualify after two straight races where he broke stride. He did so successfully yesterday and may get entered as early as next Friday night.

Looks like our little Jose may require surgery for a distended Gall Bladder, at which time they’ll also take Liver biopsies to see if there is anything other than his gall bladder issue contributing to high Liver enzyme numbers. We are scheduled to meet with the Surgeon on November 28th.

It’s been a tough week. It’s hard to lose someone you love. Thanks for all the condolences.



Monday, November 12, 2012

Luck had nothing to do with it

Cameron Lucky. Yesterday I said it would be a miracle if she won. On paper, she did not seem to be in the same league as most of her competition. Yet, Eric told me she’d be competitive. She ran last most of the race and finished next to last. Because she ran a fast last quarter mile and had not run for 28 days, Eric felt this was a good performance and she’d do better next time. Frankly, I wish he would have said that the horse was in over her head and that this would be a good tightening race for her before the race. Now, he says she can qualify for a lower classification race. I guess we’ll see how she does there.

The “free” horse, No Show Bates, runs on Wednesday night. Even though he’s in post #7 in race #11, he’s 4-1 on the Morning Line. We’ll see what can happen here. We know he won his last race!

Hear the Footsteps in entered on the grass at Aqueduct on Friday. Cornelio will ride. Hopefully, the course will dry out by Friday and he’ll go the mile distance. Go Footsie!

Best to all,


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cameron Lucky

She races at Saratoga Harness today out of post #4 in Race #9. While Eric thinks she could do well, I’ll be very surprised based on what you can see in the Past Performance stats. She seems nowhere near as fast as most of the entrants. Eric thinks there will be a lot speed which is good for a finisher like Cameron Lucky. If she pulls this off, I’ll have to consider Eric to be a miracle worker. She has Billy Dobson driving who is the leading driver at Saratoga.

Hear the Footsteps got snowed out by the Nor’easter. We await another opportunity for him. Linda says It’s Truly Ahvee needs one more breeze before entering him. I’d rather race him than breeze him but she’s the professional. I’m just the overanxious owner!

No Show Bates is due to run on Wednesday night and Numismatic may be back in a race by Friday. Will keep you advised.



Saturday, November 10, 2012

They're gone.

Thank you very much for your prayers. God was in need of some good people. So, he drafted Don Stern and Betty Dickinson. I hope they’re in heaven now. Betty left us on Thursday and Don left this morning.

There’s not much more to say. Their families and their friends are grieving now. I’m sure they are thankful for the prayers you made on behalf of their loved ones. Barbara was always there fighting for the best care for Don and showering him with love and attention. The same is true for Mike and his mom. It was clear that they had a very special and very close relationship. At least as they left this earth, Don and Betty knew they were loved. It makes a difference.

Now we have to love those that are left behind and remember with a combination of joy and sadness the sweet moments that will stay with us forever. Rest in Peace my friend, Don. Rest in Peace Betty. Time to give solace to those who loved you while knowing that something special will be missing from all our lives.



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you!

Your prayers for Don and his family are coming through loud and clear. They are much appreciated. Betty Dickinson, Mike’s mom, is having a similar problem with Congestive Heart Failure. Having spent some time with her, I found her to be very spry for a woman on dialysis, with sparkling eyes and full of positive energy. I know she raised great children. I am saying a prayer for her and Mike each day.

Abby’s mom got her a new puppy. I don’t know the breed but it’s named Mochi which means delicate dessert in Japanese. It’s really quick to “replace” Jaeger, but Abigail is all alone and mom thought she needed a little companion. I’m sure she’ll continue grieving for Jaeger but will have some comfort from Mochi.

Oh yes, these messages are supposed to be about horses. Hear the Footsteps is entered to run on the grass Thursday at Aqueduct. However, if the Nor’easter hits tomorrow, they probably won’t run on the grass and he’ll be scratched. I hope to see an entry soon for It’s Truly Ahvee.

I was waiting for the Breeder’s Cup races to run before pursuing my two choices for mating with Ahvee’s Destiny. I’m afraid to mate her right back to Freud because of the miscarriage. Seems to be an “H” year, since I am interested in Harlan’s Holiday and Hard Spun. We’ll see if they are interested.

On the harness front, Cameron Lucky had a high white cell count. Once it’s back to normal, she’ll be ready to race. Numismatic is recovering from Gelding and should be ready soon to focus on racing… we hope! Our trainer, Eric Adsit, is a special fellow. One of his clients couldn’t pay him, so he ended up with a horse named, No Show Bates. What does Eric do? He calls us and another owner and tells us we will be partners with him with no cost of acquisition or maintenance. Can you believe that? WOW! Lest you think the horse has no talent, he won a race the following night easily.

Hope everyone’s back to normal, at least among the members of our group. Certainly, some people won’t taste what normal is for a long time. I’m sure everyone is trying to do something for the disaster victims. We have a group of special people.



Monday, November 5, 2012

My friend Don

When you are friends with anyone for 40 years, it says that you had a very special relationship. He is one very special person… sweet, self-effacing, funny, conservative - yet has taken many chances with my horses and theater ventures. All-in-all, a pleasure to be around, to travel with, to have as a friend, acquaintance or colleague.

You have heard about this friend many times before because our friendship is so close and his health so precarious. After almost five months in ICU -- since his heart attack and double by-pass surgery -- the end seems near. Don has been like a cat with nine lives. So, it is hard to accept the fact that he will lose this fight. Despite the odds, I ask you to say a prayer for Gidon Stern (Gidon ben Ruth). The world needs more people like him, so pray for a miracle recovery… and if the Lord needs him more than we do, pray for a peaceful journey to heaven where he will surely reside.

Say another prayer for Barbara, his wife of 42 years who has worked every day to keep him alive… and for his sons, Jeremy and Gabriel and their beautiful children who need their grandfather and who will also miss him terribly.

I know you asked to get these missives for horsie news. Please allow me this departure because of my love for these very special friends. I guarantee that if you knew them, you would feel the same way.

Hope you are all powered up at home and at work. Please use your power of prayer to demand, beseech and plead for this special family.

Thank you!