Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hear the Footsteps

Last Friday, Hear the Footsteps ran on the grass at Belmont. Rosie Napravnik was riding. I like Rosie. Nonetheless, she did not follow instructions.

She got Footsie out of the gate well and let him settle into third place. Perfect. We had told her to be positioned no worse than third. However, when another contender started trying to pass, she let that happen, rather than getting Footsie into a better position. Then another horse did the same thing with the same result.

Footsie was boxed in and acted a little intimidated by the horses surrounding him. After they turned into the stretch, she found a hole and, finally, got him going. Unfortunately, Barrel of Love was barreling around the pack and had much more momentum. So, as Footsie started his late stretch run, he was passed. While he couldn’t get to the lead, he did get to second place at the wire.

Footsie is always trying. In 16 races, he has finished first twice, second three times and third eight times, 13 out of 16 in the money!

Our double winner at Saratoga, Jess Not Jesse, is the 7-5 favorite in the 9th race at Parx in Philadelphia on the grass on Saturday. Stewart Elliot is scheduled to ride but my gut tells me it will come off the grass due to wet weather. If that happens, he will be scratched.

Ahvee’s Destiny is doing fine at the farm.

Have a lovely weekend!



Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My apology

Several years ago, I sent a bulk e-mail request for forgiveness. One friend wrote back to say that she was offended by this impersonal approach. However, it is clear to me that such a message is far better than only asking some people for forgiveness because I probably left out many people that I had offended but had not realized that I did so.

For example, earlier this year I reached out to a couple I had not heard from for a while. I found out they were very angry at me but I had no idea I had offended them. My point is only that sometimes we know not what we say. Certainly, that is true for me. So, I think a general apology in which I solicit a response seems like a reasonable way to start.

Please let me know if I offended you. In return, you will receive a personal, heart-felt apology. My hope is there will come a time with mostly positive reactions and fewer negative ones.

Please know that the person I strive to be would never purposefully offend you. Yet that person is still an idealized image. I am usually aware of my shortcomings and I’ll keep striving to do better. Please let me know if I’m not succeeding. I’m lucky that my family does try to do that. I hope they feel appreciated for doing so and that their honesty is rewarded with better reactions and more love from me. God knows they – and YOU – deserve it!

May you be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life with good health, happiness and success in your endeavors. Hugs and kisses to all.



Friday, September 21, 2012

Very sad news

Ahvee’s Destiny lay down in a field today and gave birth four and a half months early. We were too shocked and saddened to ask what was the gender of the fetus. The Vet will clean out her uterus tomorrow. He says, she appears to be doing well. There is no clear reason for this miscarriage.

We had an artist ready to paint mother and foal after the due date next February. We were looking forward to trying to be there when she foaled and playing with the foal through next summer. Unfortunately, we will not see these dreams come to fruition next year. We hope this is a unique instance and that she will be able to have healthy foals in the future.

Hear the Footsteps runs 7 furlongs on the grass in the fifth race at Belmont tomorrow. Rosie Napravnik is aboard. We hope to be there to root for Footsie. He’s such a nice horse. Go Footsie!



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The End

Do you remember how you felt when you went somewhere you loved for the summer and had to return to reality? I remember returning from a summer camp experience and crying. I feel the same way getting ready to leave Saratoga.

Yes, I was in the hospital and had a large 10MM kidney stone broken up, then had a stent through my urethra to my kidney for a week. Yes, many friends suffered with serious health problems. Yes, there were business matters that threw a pall on the horizon. Yes, none of the horses got to race in the last ten days. Nonetheless, the peacefulness of each morning, hosting friends and family, two winning thoroughbred races by Jess Not Jesse, one trotting victory by Numismatic and two third place finishes for Hear the Footsteps, along with the various entertainments we attended at Saratoga Performing Arts Center were certainly helpful in dealing with the negatives.

Now, it’s packing up time and returning to the various issues we each have to face daily… except in Saratoga.

There will still be racing and, hopefully, lots of wonderful happenings, especially if our friends’ health issues get better. Since the Jewish New Year is around the corner, we wish all our friends and family only the best for the upcoming year.

We enjoyed those who made it up here and look forward to welcoming those who have yet to enjoy the spirit of Saratoga Springs.