Sunday, December 18, 2011

The proud papa will be...

FREUD (not Johnna)!

He's been a top NY sire for several years. He's not too expensive and he's not far away… plus there are so many possibilities for names… Ahvee Freudberg, Dr. Freudberg, Freud's Destiny, Johnna Freud, etc., etc. The mating will take place ~March 1st, which should mean a foal about February 2013. Many thanks to Becky Thomas, Alan Porter and Linda Rice.

Cricky'sGoldenEyes had his first breeze at Belmont today (Saturday). Linda was very pleased with his "in hand" workout. Hopefully, he'll be ready to race very soon.

We plan on being in Saratoga Springs for New year's weekend and will visit Ahvee's Destiny. She's been turned out in a large corral with another mare as a new friend.

Last week, we almost claimed a harness horse but lost the "shake" (lottery) when someone else claimed him as well.

Today (Saturday), Calgary Enforcer, one of the ONY VI horses won a $7500 claimer with a $20,000 at Aqueduct. They have not been sending me e-mails but whether we are part of it or not, we wish good things for the ONY horses. Linda Rice followed up 3 winners on Friday with Frazil, her own horse, taking the Gravesend Handicap Saturday at Aqueduct. Yay!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

All the best,


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Horsie news

Saturday's races left us disappointed. Calgary Enforcer ran 12th in his $16,000 claiming race but did not have the good luck (for the ONY VI partnership) of being claimed. Obviously Tuesday made it much more exciting by vying for the lead throughout his contest. seemd to have second place in hand at the 1/16th pole in the home stretch but tired badly, letting 3 horses pass him in the last 20 yards or so. He finished fifth. I don't know what the plans are for either of them, since I don't get much info on this group.

Hear the Footsteps left for his vacation in Florida at Pat Hoppel's farm today. While Cricky'sGoldeneyes has gotten a clean bill of health and will be coming to Belmont from Florida. He has never raced. Pat reports he's been training well.. but now the real stresses of racing take effect and we'll have to see how he stands up to them.

Dr. Belgrave was supposed to get to me last Wednesday about Awakino Cat's condition but did not. I'm following now and will report when I find out.

It's Truly ahvee will be training lightly at Pat's farm for another 6 weeks. Hopefully, all this care will help him recover.

I have received a pedigree report from Alan Porter. Had some questions. then we'll send the recos to Becky Thomas who is a geno-type expert and make a selection of a possible mate for Ahvee's Destiny. I'm looking forward to that.

Katy's Office Girl ran in an allowance race that was over her head for her new owner and finished 7th at 34-1.

Hope you had a happy holiday.



Monday, November 21, 2011

Saratoga & Aqueduct

We had a lovely time in Saratoga. We visited newly retired Ahvee's Destiny. She's only 10 minutes away from the Saratoga house. She looked a little like a top athlete who had let herself go because she's growing her winter coat, she's only getting hand-walked each day because of her knee fracture and she's eating a lot. So, she looks a little fat, and hairy. Her ankles swelled a bit but she's in good shape and is well taken care of by Ellen Bongard and Cindy Norton. She will go to the "round-pen" soon, where she can walk in a confined area. Then, she'll go to a corral with at least one new friend. In the meantime, we take the next step in trying to find a mate for her by consulting this week with Alan Porter a noted pedigree consultant.

We had a lovely time Saturday night with good friends who comprise our Saratoga team and we were lucky enough to finish our work ear;y and get down to Aqueduct in time for Hear the Footsteps's race. Our friend, Don, came to represent us and we surprised him by showing up. Footsie looked good in the paddock and went off at 10-1. He looked strong for 3/4 mile but suddenly seemed to want to stop. So, Johnny Velasquez eased up on him. Johnny thought he was bleeding and that diagnosis turned out to be correct. So, Hear the Footsteps will go to Florida in a few days or so and vacation for 90 days before getting back in training for a return to Belmont's grass in the Spring.

Holy Blitzer is with Bill Bartlett at Finger Lakes. She ran her second poor race on the dirt. So, my guess is that Bartlett will return her at the end of the Finger Lakes meet on Dec. 3rd. We'll have to decide what to with her in short order.

We'll get an update on Awakino Cat from Dr. Belgrave and from Pat Hoppel on Cricky'sGoldeneyes and It's Truly Ahvee this week. Plus, we'll soon have a decision on the mate for Ahvee's Destiny. So, more news to come.

As Rhoda says, the knowledge that Ahvee's Destiny is no longer racing leaves us a little empty. I think we'll feel better if she gets into foal by a good stallion and has a healthy little Ahvee.




Friday, November 18, 2011

Hear the Footsteps runs Sunday

We're going to Saratoga this weekend, so, of course, a race has been scheduled for Hear the Footsteps at Aqueduct… a tough race at that. He's 8-1 in the Morning Line for this 1 1/16 mile contest on the grass. There are four others rated more highly by the track handicapper but, if he puts in a good race, he can win. John Velasquez, who rode the winner of the Kentucky Derby and was the most successful rider in this year's Breeder's Cup races will be riding for us. He's also guided Ahvee's Destiny to three Stakes wins.

We'll visit Ahvee's Destiny at Rojan Farm in Schuylerville this weekend with carrots and treats. Looking forward to seeing her and her new home… and ours as well.

Have a nice weekend. Assuming Hear the Footsteps runs, we'll send an e-mail. Either way, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!



Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye, Katy, we'll miss you!

Katy's Office Girl was always a sweet horse and nice to spend time with. Today at Aqueduct, she started coming out of the gate just before it opened and then she reared up on her hind legs. This put her even further back than usual and Ramon couldn't get her back into the race. She closed, as usual, but could do no better than 7th. When she came back, a red claiming tag was waiting for her. It was, after all, a $16,000 claiming race and Trainer Jeff Odintz claimed her for one of his clients. I had a tear in my eye as she left to go back to a different stable. I have to remember this is a business and, eventhough Linda puts us into the "owners who love their horses like pets" category, this is what happens every day at the racetrack when your horse is not good enough to run in "protected" races like allowances or stakes. We wish her the best and will be watching whenever she runs for her new owners. I'll be stroking Ahvee's Destiny even more passionately when we visit her at the farm next weekend.

This leaves us with one active horse, Hear the Footsteps. Hopefully, he will get to run again this year.

Awakino Cat is doing well at a lay-up facility near the Mid-Atlantic Equine Center in New Jersey. We want him to be 100% before sending him down to Florida.

Today, we got our Players cards at the new Resorts World casino at Aqueduct. There weren't enough Poker machines but it's certainly doing lots of business.

Best to all,


Friday, November 11, 2011

Katy's Office Girl

With only two horses in racing shape, it's nice to know that we can still find a race or two. Katy will be at Aqueduct, where the new Casino has finally opened, on Sunday in the 4th race on the grass under the able direction of Ramon Dominguez. Unlike the horse you see at the Empire Casino commercials, she will not visit the casino (though we might!). She will be contesting a mile and 1/16 from the 12 post position with post time at 1:50 PM. She's 4-1 on the morning line behind two others, including Linda's Smart Farming who is the 5-2 favorite.

Next weekend, we'll be visiting Ahvee's Destiny at RoJan Farm in Schuylerville. We'll be bringing her lots of carrots and treats!



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hear the Footsteps

Yes, after starting on top and then settling back to fourth, Hear the Footsteps slipped and slid on the boggy turf for a mile and a sixteenth. The leaders did hear the footsteps coming around the stretch turn but one of the leaders pulled away and a fast closer, closed fast to finish second. Footsie passed the tiring leader, Wishful Tomcat, to finish third but could not get closer to the two in front of him.

Ahvee's Destiny is settling in to her new home in Schuylerville, NY. We look forward to seeing her sometime in November.

Awakino Cat is still at the Mid-Atlantic Clinic. He had several complications, including Pneumonia and Laminitis but seems to be recovering well from all his maladies. If he continues to look good after the weekend, he will go to a layup farm near the clinic before eventually being shipped to Florida for a period of recuperation over the winter.

Have a nice weekend!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Home for Ahvee's Destiny

We just fed carrots to Ahvee's Destiny and Hear the Footsteps on Sunday at Linda's barn in Saratoga Springs. Now, they both have moved or are about to move.

Ahvee's Destiny arrived at her new home, Rojan Horse Farm in Schuylerville, NY, this morning. It's literally only minutes from our place in Saratoga and her presence there will be a motivation to travel to Saratoga more often. We do love that horse. We're sad to see her off the race track. As Rhoda says, "she loves to run." Hopefully, she'll make beautiful babies who also love to run and run fast!

Katy's Office Girl is entered in the 7th race at Belmont on Friday. Let's hope the race stays on the grass. I guess it'll depend on how soon this rain ends and how fast the course drains. It's 1 1/16 miles on the inner turf course with Ramon Dominguez riding.

Hear the Footsteps is pointing to a race on October 27th. We'll see if the race fills and the weather holds up next week. Either way, he'll be moving to Belmont very soon.

Awakino Cat got me worried with his Colitis. Yesterday, he still was showing an inflamed colon and seemed to showing some water in his lungs. However, today his colon looks much better and, since the report was he is better overall, I assume the lung situation in included in that prognosis… but I'll check again tomorrow.

Linda Rice said she has two types of owners. One who is all business and one who treats their horses like pets. I guess you know which category she puts us in!



Monday, October 10, 2011


Two weeks ago, Ahvee's Destiny ran 4th in a 5 furlong sprint at Presque Isle Downs, while Awakino Cat ran 3rd in a 6 1/2 furlong sprint the next evening at Presque Isle. It was hoped that Awakino would go on to the Grade 1 Nearctic Stakes in Canada next Sunday (we actually made plane reservations to go to Toronto) and a suitable race or two would be found for Ahvee's Destiny before we retired her to the breeding shed.

Today, we shipped Awakino Cat to Mid-Atlantic clinic to try and deal with a recurring fever. Today, an X-ray was taken of Ahvee's Destiny's front left knee, because she was "getting out" during her morning gallop. The X-ray shows what could be a fracture but for sure is some problem in that knee.

So, we can only hope for a not so serious diagnosis of Awakino Cat and a quick recovery. As for Ahvee, it looks like it's time to decide where she will go to breed. Thinking of her babies brings me a smile. Thinking of her never racing again brings me a frown. She's been our "big" horse, winning 11 times with 4 Stakes victories. I had hoped to visit our house in Saratoga next weekend and see them both galloping and then feed them carrots. I guess Ahvee's Destiny will still be there, but she won't be galloping. I knew this was Ahvee's future. Now it is her present. I guess I'm just not quite ready for it.

Katy's Office Girl was entered in a race today at Belmont but drew post position 16 on the "Also Eligible" list, but she didn't get in. Hear the Footsteps is still in Saratoga since they haven't run a race with the conditions he needs at Belmont. So, we just wait.

Now what? We'll give it some thought.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Racing tonight and tomorrow night

They took Katy's race off the grass on Sunday at Belmont, so she scratched.

They didn't use the "Shana Tova" Stakes race for Awakino originally scheduled for Thursday at Belmont, so Ahvee's Destiny will run at Presque Isle Downs in Erie, PA tonight and Awakino Cat will run there tomorrow night.

Presque Isle Downs has an All-Weather synthetic track. Ahvee won the Satin and Lace Stakes there last year and won her biggest purse. However, she ran there in an allowance race earlier this year and ran poorly. Which Ahvee's Destiny will show up tonight? The track handicapper has made her the second favorite at 7-2. She runs from the fourth post position with the number 5 on her saddle blanket (This is because there is a two-horse entry in an outside post position but sporting the numbers 1 and 1A). It's race number 8 but will not be televised on TVG. Post time is 8:25PM. Harry Vega, whose ridden her in both her prior appearances, is up in the irons.

Awakino Cat's worst race was at Presque Isle Downs with Harry Vega up earlier this year. We're hoping it wasn't the surface but I guess we'll find out tomorrow night. We're trying to stretch him out to 6 1/2 furlongs and see if this helps his late kick. If he does well tonight, we will point him to a really big race in Cananda on 10/16… but let's get by this one first. He runs at 8 PM tomorrow night in race 7 from post 3 with the number 4 (Yes, there is a two-horse entry with the numbers 1 and 1A). Unbelievably, he is the morning line favorite at 3-1.

Once again, best wishes for a healthy, happy and successful new Jewish year! This goes for all of you, no matter what your persuasion.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Racing

Holy Blitzer will race today at Belmont Park in the 2nd race on the grass with Ramon Dominguez in the saddle. It's probably her last chance to perform before she gets shipped out to Finger Lakes but it's against stiff competition. I'm assuming it's the only kind of race that would be on the grass this time of year, because it certainly doesn't seem fair to her. The morning line odds are 15-1.

Ahvee's Destiny will take a whirl at Presque Isle again in a sprint some time in the next week. Details to follow when we know them. Awakino Cat is pointing to a listed Stakes at Belmont on September 29th at 6 furlongs.

Katy's Office Girl is being entered today for a race on 9/25 at Belmont but we don't know whether it will be used or whether it will be affected by the rainy forecast. The rain is the reason that a race we were anticipating for the Hear the Footsteps at Belmont on Saturday was not used.

Next week, It's Truly Ahvee and Cricket'sGoldeneyes will be ultrasounded and a dtermination made about trying to put them back in training, if possible.

That's the skinny!

Next week is Jewish New Year, so we wish a Happy, Healthy, Successful New Year to all!



Thursday, September 8, 2011

Race Results

To make a long story short, my I-Pad made it difficult to communicate from the road. So, eveything was done in shorthand.
Sorry about that.

Because of heavy rain in Saratoga, it was decided to send both Ahvee's Destiny and Awakino Cat to Parx in Philadelphia for the big races. Alan Garcia kept both horses on the inside behind a wall of competitors. Perhaps that's because they both lacked "early foot". However, Ahvee's Destiny went nowhere fast (or should I say slow) and finished up the track in 9th. Garcia found a hole late for Awakino Cat but at the short 5 furlong distance, he couldn't get on the board. Though he finished fast only 1 1/2 lengths behind the winner, he was in fifth place.

It was exciting to have them compete for the big purses. Hopefully, we will lengthen Awakino's future races and see how he does with a little more time to catch the leaders.

Saratoga's season is done. We'll start contemplating the future in short order.
Have a good week!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Races

Ahvee at Parx for $200K.

Awakino for $350K.

This afternoon weather permitting.

Avram C. Freedberg

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're back!

Ahvee's Destiny's Monday race was not used due to the hurricane making the turf course unfit for use. The Racing Secretary, P. J. Campo, said he would use it for Friday but did not. Since our son, Jonathan, was coming home to read the Torah on the anniversary of his Bar-Mitzvah and we were leaving for a wedding in Seattle on Sunday, we had to be home by Friday night. So, with no one running before Saturday, we came home yesterday. Roads were still problematic with I-87 closed between Newburgh and Suffern, but five hours later, we made it to Stamford. Luckily, we had power and no significant damage.

It was a very busy month between the horses, the house, the prayer services and spending time with guests and friends in Saratoga. The time flew by and I felt sad that I didn't have more time with the horses. Ahvee's Destiny is our first and the Queen of the Stable. She's learned to expect food whenever we're around and can be quite demanding. So is Awakino Cat. He'll eat anything… and does! Katy's Office Girl and Hear the Footsteps are more selective. They both like Mother Pasture's Horse Cookies the best but will settle for a carrot. Footsie used to only nibble but he has learned how to take the whole cookie into his mouth and chews it up without any of it dropping from his mouth. He's become very loving and gives me a kiss with no food necessary as an inducement. Katy was very calm with Jose, even when he started barking at her. I wish there was more time to get them to socialize.

Racingwise, we hope Ahvee's Destiny's Stakes race will get scheduled by Monday. We also expect there to be a Stakes race for Awakino Cat on Labor Day. We know there will be a race on Saturday that Katy could compete in but because she had to scratch from her race last week due to a cough, she doesn't have any priority in entering. Simply stated, if other horses want to get into that race, they will have priority and she may not get in.

If Ahvee's Destiny and Awakino Cat do not get to race at Saratoga, they have been cross-entered in different races on September 5th at Parx Race Course in Philadelphia. The Philly races have larger purses but both horses favor the Saratoga Race Course, so we hope they get to run at Saratoga.

Holy Blitzer was to be sent to Presque Isle Downs in Erie, PA, instead of Finger Lakes. She seems to be treated as an afterthought, so I don't know when this will actually take place.

With the Jewish New Year less than a month away, we wish you and yours good health and success in all you do.



Thursday, August 25, 2011

Creatures of habit

Horses are creatures of habit. They don't like changes in their surroundings or to the things they are used to.

Of course, the same can be said for human beings. One example is congregational prayer. You are used to doing things and having prayers done in "the usual way." When something is done differently, it provokes anxiety… even anger. "How can they do it this way?!"

When you are saying Kaddish, the memorial prayer for departed close family members, you must change that paradigm… especially if you travel. While we've been in Saratoga, I've been saying Kaddish for my father. This has required finding prayer services several times a day.

In some of my prior e-mails, I alluded to meeting "The Borg." The Borg were a mechanized collective of beings who were antagonists in the TV series, Star Trek - The Next Generation. They would assimilate their enemies to gain new knowledge and grow the collective. The first time I attended a service at Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas, a Belz Yeshivah from Boro Park, Brooklyn, I felt like I had encountered The Borg. They (165 students in their teens plus staff) were all dressed in long silken black coats with belts, white shirts, black sox, black shoes, black velvet yarmulkes under their black hats (or fur hats for the staff). They were also a collective and their dress was reminiscent of the black metallic bodies of The Borg.

They probably also feel like "resistance is futile," which was the motto of The Borg. In this case, it would be resistance to the precepts of their religious beliefs. Unlike The Borg, they are not malevolent. In fact, they have been welcoming. The Rabbi who is the head of the Yeshivah offered me an opportunity for a weekly telephone study session with him. The boys are curious about the stranger among them and many have warmed up to me over the last month.

I have also been welcomed by the mostly elderly membership of Congregation Shaara Tefille, currently a Conservative synagogue that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012. However, they only have services Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings and the 3rd Friday night of each month. They too reminded of science fiction episodes where people forgot their origins of their heritage and were left with pieces of words from the past which they discovered had far greater meaning than they currently ascribed to them. So, the prayers are read with difficulty, short cuts are made and, sometimes, differing traditions are followed by different congregational leaders. Nonetheless, they are serious about their efforts and are filled with a warm camaraderie. This is the only organized year-round congregational services, so we joined this congregation. Of course, to keep saying Kaddish as often as possible, I most often go to the Yeshiva and have also attended services at the local Chabad which has had the fewest number of services available.

Anyway, the point is that one has to be very flexible and adapt in the opposite way to the way one goes about finding a congregation to join at home. At home, it's where I feel most comfortable. On the road, it's whatever is available, no matter how alien the surroundings or the mode of prayer. It really very instructive. I've gotten a new appreciation for all these different methods of expressing faith and prayer, and a greater level of respect for the different kinds of people involved. In a way, this has been a new lesson taught to me by my father. Thanks again, Dad! I love you and miss you… but you are with me always!


I know this is supposed to be about horses, but I hope you found this interesting. Don't worry… a solicitation WILL follow!



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Katy scratched...

That left Hear the Footsteps as our standard bearer today at Saratoga Race Course. In 9 starts, he had never been out of the money. Today, he ran from the #1 post, statistically a terrible post for racing on the inner turf course. Hear the Footsteps gave further credence to that statistic by finishing off the board for the first time, in fourth place. To use the hanidcappers parlance, he probably "bounced" (regressed) off his last effort where he ran his best speed rating. Cornelio Velasquez maintained his "ofer" streak with our stable.

They can't all be like Ahvee's  Destiny!

Tomorrow, we get a tour and history lesson about Saratoga Race Curse by track announcer, Tom Durkin. It should be fun. We'll kid him about calling Hear the Footsteps by his father's name (Read the Footnotes).

Monday, there's a party to celebrate Linda Rice's 1000th win.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yaddo Stakes

Patsy Symons's Gitchee Goomie took the $100,000 Yaddo Stakes by a nose today. Last year, Patsy's Meriwether Jessica won the same race. As you can imagine, it was very exciting and the champagne flowed in the Saratoga Room after the Winner's C?ircle ceremonies.

Tomorrow, Katy's Office Girl in the 5th and Hear the Footsteps in the 11th will compete on the grass, weather permitting. Hear the Footsteps provided our only win at Saratoga last year and finished 2nd in his initial outing on July 31 here in Saratoga. This will be Katy's first race at the Spa.

We'll follow up with you after the races. All the best!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lost at the gate!

There are many ways to lose a race. One of the biggest downers is when your horse has some kind of mishap at the gate… the race is over at the start. So it went for Awakino Cat today. The gate opened. He was facing the wrong way, got pulled in the opposite direction, hit the side of the gate and found himself 5 lengths behind in a turf sprint, meaning he had insufficient distance to overcome the disastrous start. As the chart put it, "start good for all but Awakino Cat."


Nonetheless, Ramon got him closer to the pack but instead of going around horses, Ramon tried to take a shorter route inside of horses and found himself cutoff. Finally, he got Awakino through on the outside and finished fast less than a 1/2 length behind the second place finisher. Bridgetown won the race easily by over 6 lengths. I don't know if he'd gotten a good start, he would have been near Bridgetown at the end but he certainly would have been an easy 2nd. NO CHAMPAGNE FOR US!

Katy's Office Girl is entered in the 5th race on Saturday at 1 1/16 miles on the inner turf against the boys with Ramon up. Hope he makes up for today. It's a $20K claimer. She'll be in post 2, which is generally not favorable but since she drops way back anyway, it should not be as big an impediment.

Hear the Footsteps is entered in the 11th race on Saturday at a mile on the turf with Cornelio Velasquez up in the irons. He has the #1 post which is a distinct disadvantage at Saratoga.

We've had three races at Saratoga so far and finished first, second and third. It's hard to complain about that. Even the ONY partnership had one win out of two runners.

We've got lots of company and there's lots to do, so nighty night to all!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Awakino Cat today!

Bridgetown is a super sprinter and will be Cat's main obstacle to winning today. The turf is soft from all the recent rain, but it's a beautiful day. I'd wanted Alan Garcia to ride him, since he's won multiple races on him before but who can be disappointed that Ramon Dominguez will be aboard. It's the 5 1/2 furlong Troy Stakes that Awakino has won the last 2 years, hopefully leading to a Graded Stakes race at 7 furlongs in Canada at Woodbine on August 28th… but, as usual, lots remains to be seen.

Footsie and Katy will be entered for races on Saturday today. Will know later whether they got in. Ahvee's Destiny is pointing to The Jazzy Stakes on August 29th.

I'm too nervous to write a lot now. It's the ninth race at 5:30. Lots of friends here to cheer on Awakino Cat. It's probably too much to ask that they all get a Winner's Circle photo but we can hope!



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Obviously Tuesday

OT broke his maiden today in a highly contested race that he fought hard to win. He is one of the four Obviously New York partnership horses. While we hope to end our association with this partnership, OT is a "good ole boy," a horse who is good natured and eats everything he is offered. He has a blond tail and is fun to be around. I wish I could say the same thing about the general partners.

We've had a lot of fun basking in Ahvee's Destiny's glory, Hear the Footsteps' 2nd place, Patsy's Trix in the City's Stakes victory one week later and now OT. Jim and Rob have been up here and we've all enjoyed the stables, the back stretch, feeding the horses and the racing too!

There's so much more to tell… more to come!



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The longest shot in the race

Ahvee's Destiny opening odds were as forecast in the Morning Line: 6-1. As it got closer and closer to post time, her odds drifted higher and higher until she was the race's big long shot at almost 13-1. I guess this reflected her erratic performance and the fact that she had not run a big race in over a year. Nonetheless, she was still our Queen.

My bet was down before we got to the track. But my kishkas were up… in a real turmoil. When you love an animal, you want them to do well and be recognized. Yes, it's like your child. I knew she was capable of beating this field if she ran her best… but she hadn't been showing her best lately. Happily, we knew she was in the capable hands of Johnny Velasquez, this year's Kentucky Derby winning jockey and the leading rider at the current Saratoga meet.

She comes out of the 5 slot first. Her yellow blinkers poking ahead of the field. Quickly, Johnny let's her settle back into third. Then, a horse to his inside seems to want to make a move to get in front of him and he letts Ahvee's Destiny out a notch so the horse couldn't pass her. She chases the leader, Outpost, around the far turn, the stretch turn and into the stretch. Here's where she's failed in several prior races. She can't gain on the leader and seems to be falling back. Now, two others are coming from behind. Is it all over, I worry? But Johnny keeps getting into her, so the horses behind her are not gaining much. But there is still the leader, Outpost, to contend with. At first, it seems like she's not going to get to the leader… but suddenly, she is on top of the leader. Not only that, she is gaining… she gets her head in front. Before you know it, she is a length in front with the wire in front of her. A winner! She breaks our "ofer" losing streak and Linda's as well. Leave it to Ahvee's Destiny! My betting account was down to $119. She replenished it handsomely, paying $27.60 to Win, $12.60 to Place and $6.80 to Show.

She won the day after we came up to Saratoga in 2008 and again in 2009. Now, we had to wait 3 days, but she's done it again. Love that horse. We're still flying from the Champagne celebration and watching her win on the TV screen in the Saratoga Room over and over again.




Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, the Saratoga Meet has been going for a full week now. Tomorrow, we're on our way. Lots of people to see, places to go and horses to feed.

Awakino Cat will likely be shipped to Penn National for a big $200K race on Saturday night but, at this moment, even that's not certain.

Hear the Footsteps runs in the 10th race on Sunday. That's firm, if it stays on the grass (pun intended).

Ahvee's Destiny will pass a race tomorrow at Penn National for a Stakes race on the grass in Saratoga on Monday. We've been assured it will happen.

Will let you know more when we know more. Hopefully, very soon.

Have a wonderful weekend! If you haven't made your plans to visit Saratoga Springs, you will miss out not only on horses but on everything else this college town (Skidmore) and the environs have to offer (from spa treatments to concerts, from ballooning to White Water rafting, from Theme parks to museums… I could go on and on). We don't take Visa or Mastercard, not Amex nor Discover, not even cash. We've got 5 bedrooms and a pool. Come and enjoy!

Hope to see you,



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not horse related but fun

Want to see some entertaining shows that have received nice reviews from even the NY Times? Try The Judy Show: My Life as a Sitcom. Judy Gold's one-woman show is playing at DR2 (That's Daryl Roth's theater #2 on 15th Street between Park Ave. South and Irving Place). She's a 6ft 3in Jewish Lesbian with kids… need I say more? But rather than me, check the reviews.

Then, how about the Israeli created VocaPeople at the Westside Theater on 43rd Street just west of 9th Avenue. They are a group of 8 great singers from the planet Voca, where music is life. They look like the Blueman Group but all white. After you see and hear their accapella performances, you will understand how much of a good time they must have on the planet Voca. If you read the reviews, you will understand how much of a good time the audience has, especially when they interact with you!

We're the General Managers and one of the Producers through our own, Eva Price, the Queen of Broadway! Go… you'll have a great time!



Monday, July 18, 2011

Linda's 1000th

I'd like to tell you it was Holy Blitzer but she got a poor start yesterday and Cornelio Velasquez kept his "ofer" streak alive with our stable, guiding Blitzer to a 5th place finish. He's still "o" fer ever, never having won a race on one of our horses. He got her started slowly and got pinched back by other horses, then made it look interesting when he got her to come on as they turned into the stretch. Unfortunately, she flattened out and was passed by others.

As for the trainer's championship at this Belmont meet, Linda was still one behind Todd Pletcher when Sextant entered the gate for the ninth race yesterday. At the finish line, Sextant was a winner, Linda bagged her 1000th win and a tie for the trainer's title! She was the first woman to win a trainer's title at a major U.S. racetrack, in 2009 at Saratoga. This year she has tied for the Spring meet at Aqueduct and, now, Belmont too! Sorry my horses have been no help to her at all this year, as we have not had even one winner… YET! At least, our friend Rob's Jess Not Jesse helped her out at both meets with two wins.

Arielle's Song almost posted her first win for Linda's brother Wayne at Presque Isle Downs, where she finished 2nd for the 2nd time in a row. Wayne may get a win out of her yet!

And now… Saratoga!

Hope to see you there,


Friday, July 15, 2011

Saratoga is about to begin racing

July 22 is opening day. We'll be on a humanitarian mission to Cuba, so we won't be up there until July 29. July 31 should see Hear the Footsteps compete and maybe Ahvee's Destiny too. hey both breezed in the last week, as did Awakino Cat. None had sparkling breeze times.

In the meantime, Holy Blitzer will race on Sunday at Belmont. It's the last racing day. Linda Rice was one win behind Todd Pletcher for the trainer's title going in to today's action. Linda had Resoundingly finish 2nd by a nose and another one finish 3rd. Todd's got some firepower in the last few races today. So, we'll see what develops. Linda beat Todd at Saratoga for the trainer's title two years ago by one victory to become the first woman trainer to win a major race meet in the USA. I hope she wins this one too, because she deserves to be in the Hall of Fame one day.

I've been thinking about the mornings in Saratoga. If you get to the backstretch before dawn, everything seems to be in shades of black and white. Shadows move stealthily in the near darkness. Often there is a foggy mist hanging over the track, which reflects the first streaks of light from the slowly emerging sun. The black and white turns into color, brought to life by small patches of sunlight. The mist is glowing, rising up from the track surface and slowly dissipating into the blue sky above, forming little wispy clouds. The backstretch continues to come alive with not only horses and riders but the early risers looking on with cups of hot Joe in hand to counter the morning's chill. Trainers, jockeys , owners and sightseers mingle together between the coffee hut and the entrance to the racing surface. As the sun continues its ascent, the red and white Saratoga awnings on the other side of the track come to life. It's both a peaceful and exhilirating experience. I can't wait to see it again… to feel it fill my heart with a sense of wonder and majesty. I hope you will make it to Saratoga and participate not just in the thrill of racing, but in the beauty of nature and a sense of awe when you are surrounded by the magnificent animals and people who populate the world of the thoroughbred race horse.

Have a lovely weekend!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Typical Katy...

…or as my friend Milty said, "slow and slower!"

Katy's Office Girl was the favorite and several horses scratched, which we thought was good… but one of the horses would show speed and that left only one other horse with early speed. That horse got a savvy ride from J.J. Castellano who set very slow fractions. That meant all the horses would not be tired late in the race. So, when Katy made her move, everyone else was moving too! She passed them all but could not get to the winner. She ended up second, 3 1/4 lengths behind.

We were worried that Katy was going to get claimed because some other trainers were looking her over, but it did not happen. So, she will come back and race for us another day.

Next Saturday, Hear the Footsteps will, hopefully, run at Belmont. More on that when more is known.

Have a happy Fourth!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Katy runs on Sunday

Katy's Office Girl is entered for the 5th race on Sunday. It's 1 1/16 miles on the grass at Belmont with Ramon Dominguez in the saddle. We're planning to lunch in the Trustee's Room around 1PM. Let me know, if you will join us. In any case, you can join us in the paddock before the race and, if we're lucky, in the Winner's Circle for the photo (I can fantasize can't I?).



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bummed out

I was so upset by Ahvee's Destiny's performance Saturday night that I haven't written about until today. The race at Colonial Downs in Virginia set up perfectly for her, when the toughest competitor, Suzzona, scratched. I thought it was a sign… Watching her vie for the lead and look good coming into the stretch, I thought she had a chance, even though I already knew the result. She got burned out in a speed duel (though the competitor she raced against came in second and A. D. has raced that way successfully before) and faded to 7th. It was hard to watch.

I didn't get to watch the race live because it's time conflicted with my need to be at synagogue services to say Kaddish for my father. All during the services, my adrenalin was flowing in anticipation. I wanted her to win so badly, not just for the purse money but to validate the decision not to breed her this year and race her instead… and I love that horse. She's kissing both me and Rhoda now. You know, Linda, in an interview, said she had two kinds of owners. One kind just wants the numbers and success. The other treats the horses like pets. Bet, you can guess which category we were in!

Awakino Cat had a nice breeze today. Linda is worried that he seems a little fat, even though she's been working him more. Today, she decided to try some stomach medication, in case there is a physiological reason, she's not aware of. BTW, everyone wants to know what Awakino means. It's an area of New Zealand that is near the water. Apparently, the original owner's son did lots of traveling and they named the horse after this area. He may run at Monmouth on the 10th of July. We'll see.

Linda said she liked a race for Hear the Footsteps on July 9th but is looking for other ones as well. Holy Blitzer is on the "move out of inventory" list but she has a sore ankle. Ever exciting Katy will run before long again.



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Katy today, Ahvee Saturday night

She came out of the one hole and quickly went in her opening direction… backwards, or so it seemed. It's hard to watch her on TV because she's often not in the picture. After dropping back to last, Ramon started her moving in the stretch turn. He hoped to find a gap between the wall of horses in front of him, but he couldn't, so he had to take her 5 wide. She started to pass the others. Go Katy, go! Soon she was fifth, fourth, third, second. Go Katy, go! She's overtaking the leader… but then the finish line is being crossed and she is second a half-length away. So, until next time, when we'll try again to Go Katy, go!

Linda wanted to skip yesterday's Presque Isle race for $100,000 purse to get easier competition at Colonial Downs Saturday night. While yesterday's race was won a half second slower than Ahvee's win in that race last year, Ahvee will have to face the likes of Suzzona at Colonial Downs, who has won her last three in a row and Colony Club, who beat her at Monmouth on June 4th. So, no slouches Saturday night and they're still forecast for thunderstorms each day through Saturday night. It's frustrating but that's not to say she can't win… just that it will not be easy. Go, Ahvee's Destiny!



Monday, June 20, 2011

Holy Blitzer, Ahvee's Destiny, et al

First, Holy Blitzer. Johnny Velasquez took her to the front but two others stayed with her. He didn't urge her to the lead, just let her settle in third. Coming around the stretch turn, he made his move and came even with the two in front of her but then she seemed to run out of gas… "empty out" as the jargon goes. Johnny said, in retrospect, he was sorry he didn't urge her to the lead because she may do better on the lead. As it was, she came in dead last, way behind the next to last horse because when she gave up, Johnny didn't try to press her but save her for another day… when she'll be back running against cheaper claimers.

Many have asked how things are going with my trainer, Linda Rice. We still disagree at times. Because Ahvee's Destiny ran such a poor race at Presque Isle Downs last month, she was hesitant to send her there against some good fillies and mares on the synthetic surface. I felt we should just throw out that race because Harry Vega let her get caught at the gate and she doesn't run well from the back of the pack. And, of course, she won that race last year for her biggest purse. On a good day, she should be able to take those competitors. Nonetheless, I would have felt more sanguine about sending her to Colonial Downs on the grass, if the weather forecast would promise to give her a firm track… but that doesn't seem to be the case. The weather calls for heavy showers on Thursday and isolated showers until race time Saturday night. Ahvee's Destiny doesn't like wet grass, so I would have rather tried Presque Isle. Linda is counting on the competition being easier at Colonial, Hope she's right.

It's Truly Ahvee had surgery last week to release his check ligament. According to Surgeon, Liberty Getman, it was a big ligament and will likely reduce the strain on his tendon that has torn twice. In the meantime, that tendon is healing well. Let's hope she's right and the horse I almost called "Stuck with You" is able to race successfully. So far, he's looked beautiful but lived up to his "almost" name.

Based on the latest Ultrasound, Cricky'sGoldenEyes's tear is healing nicely. Hopefully, with sufficient time, he will be able to make it to the races for the first time. Linda had been liking how he looked in training before he was injured.

Katy's Office Girl will run at Belmont in the first race on Wednesday with Ramon Dominguez aboard. She could be competitive at this level ($20,000 claiming). She loves to come from the back. So, it will depend on how close Ramon can keep her to the pack, race pace, etc. We'll see if the weather holds for her to go one mile on the grass.

Best to all,


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Holy Blitzer

Blitzeris entered in a tough race today at Belmont. It's the 8th race on the grass and he's the longest shot on the board based on the Morning Line. The best thing that can be said is that John Velasquez, this year's Ketucky Derby winning rider, is in the irons because Ramon Dominguez has chosen to take another mount.

Ahvee's Destiny is entered in presque Isle's Downs $100K Satin & Lace Stakes. Last year this was her only victory. Linda will make a decision on whether she will run her here or demurr for the $50K Buckland Stakes at Colonial Downs in Virginia on Sunday, June 26. Weather is iffy in both locations but at Presque Isles it's a synthetic all-weather surface, while Colonial Downs  is on the grass and if it comes off, she would likely not compete.

Katy's Office Girl is entered in the first race at Belmont on Wednesday, June 22 with Ramon up. It's a mile on the grass, if the weather holds up. She's in the one slot (Post position #1).

Have a nice Father's Day… it's my first one without my father.



Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday in New York... New Jersey... Brooklyn... and CT

Wow! We did it… and we passed through Staten Island too. Of course, that was our only glitch on return, when an accident on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge doubled the time for our trip to Brooklyn. Missed the wedding smorg but not the ceremony!

What, you want to know about racing? It turned beautiful at Monmouth just as we neared post time… but then post-time was delayed because it was the 2011 Irish Festival Day at Monmouth and the bag-pipers were marching on the track. So, my DVR settings got the marchers but not the race! Luckily, Rhoda was beautifully bedecked in green. I told everyone I was her oversized leprechaun.

Awakino Cat, in the meantime, came to the paddock with a little sweat but looking calm. We were happy that Alan Garcia was riding because he's guided him to victory several times and we like Alan… but it turned out he wasn't there. He went off to ride in Canada. Eddie Castro was aboard with instructions to get him out there and ride an aggressive race. Unfortunately, he spent a good deal of the race near the back. However, when they turned for home, he took Awakino to the outside and was coming on. He did make up some ground but Joe Bravo, who had ridden Ahvee's Destiny to her 2nd place finish at Monmouth last weekend, came charging through horses on General Perfect. It was a daring move by rider and horse and it worked. Awakino couldn't catch the first two and came in third, two lengths back. Still it was his best race this year. Hopefully, he's rounding into shape.

We like Monmouth. Someday, when our schedule is a little more relaxed, we may spend the day.



Friday, June 10, 2011

Awakino Cat

It's Belmont Stakes Day tomorrow. But, for Awakino Cat, his Stakes day is Sunday at Monmouth Park. He's entered in the 7th race on the grass. Alan Garcia will be his guide in the $65K John McSorley Stakes. He'll be running from Post 3. We'll be running all day.

We start with a memorial service for Rhoda's Uncle Meyer in NYC. Then, we proceed to Elmont, just down the road from Belmont Park, for the Unveiling of his headstone. On to Floral Park for a BBQ at the Kriegers. Then to Monmouth for the race followed by a trip to Brooklyn for a wedding. Interesting that both the memorial and the wedding are for people named Steinmetz. I think we'll be tired by the time we make it back to Stamford.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!



Saturday, June 4, 2011

Avram & Rhoda's Almost Excellent Adventure

I often say, "almost doesn't count!" Today it counted, at least a little.

It was a beautiful day for a drive.. and drive we did. First to Belmont where Hear the Footsteps opened as the even money favorite when Writing on the Wall, a horse I had been interested in claiming scratched. By Post time, Mr. Vegas, who came in ahead of us last time, was the favorite. The race was very formful with Mr. Vegas going to the front and Hear the Footsteps stalking him. Cornelio Velasquez, who has yet to win a race for us, might have let him trail by a little too much but when they straightened out for the stretch run, he got Hear the Footsteps going. For a minute, as he was charging down the long stretch at Belmont, I thought he was going to make it… but he just missed by a head. 2nd place.

We were disappointed. It was so close. Nonetheless, we have to be impressed by this horse who has run 8 times and never been off the board… 2 wins, 1 second and 5 thirds. If he didn't have some physical issues, he could have been a great Graded Stakes race contender.

After watching the replay of the race, we took off for Monmouth in Oceanport, NJ. It's a nice little track - homey, quaint and well-maintained. Ahvee's Destiny looked a little nervous in the paddock. She was wet with nervous perspiration and she seemed sullen. Nonetheless, she looked beautiful… as did Rhoda, who was decked out in a beautiful dress and hat. yes, she was hoping for a photo in the Winner's Circle!

She was the morning line favorite but the crowd had made her third choice, quite rightly, I thought, based on her recent record. The bell rang and the gate opened. Ahvee's Destiny stumbles. Had I seen it when it happened, I would have been very worried about her, but I didn't and she didn't seem to notice because she recovered and was head and head with the eventual third place finisher in front of the pack. So, they went around the track. When two horses challenge each other like that, it can be very stressful and tiring. Straightening out in the stretch, it seemed like the other horse was inching ahead of A.D…. but she came on again to take the lead. Unfortunately, a longshot who had been stalking the two leaders, came on the outside and passed us in the final strides. Still it was a magnificent effort. This field was pretty soft and she may find it difficult to find such competition again, but for today she was right up there. We have a reason to hope for victory in the future. Yay, Ahvee's Destiny!

All-in all, a worthwhile adventure with two exciting races and more to look forward to. Yes, it can be fun even when you lose… just not usually!



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chasing horses

Hear the Footsteps is entered in Saturday's first race at Belmont going off at 1PM. Ahvee's Destiny is entered in Monmouth's 8th race, the Fort Monmouth Stakes at 4:47PM. The drive time from Elmont, Long Island to Oceanport, NJ is about 2 hours (supposedly even in traffic). Time back to CT is 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Of course, there's CT to Belmont… all in all a lot of driving… with a synagogue appearance before and after. Whew! I'm tired already.

More about the races, soon to come.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Lost Weekend

We lucked out weather wise on both Saturday and Sunday. Turf course was firm and the sun shone.

Katy is a sweet horse. The way she finishes races is exciting. However, she often is so far back that her run still falls short. That is the situation with Saturday's race.

Last year's Eclipse award winning Jockey, Ramon Dominguez was hurt on Friday in a fall. So, he took Saturday off. Jose Espinoza was the sub. Since we love our puppy, Jose, so much, we hoped it was meant to be. He got a good start, then let her settle to the back with one of the race favorites. However, when the other took off, he stayed back. Nonetheless, when he finally called on her to run, she closed to within 1 3/4 lengths of the winner but only a fourth place finish. Had he started earlier with the other horse, they could have been in it at the end. C'est la vie!

On Sunday, Holy Blitzer looked like a big white steed from fairy tales… something the prince would ride to rescue the fair damsel. She was beautiful… until the race started. The opening of the gates left her flatfooted and in last. Ramon was back today but he said she ran scared and was intimidated by the others. Last year on this date Ramon was on her for an easy win at this distance on this racetrack in a faster time. What can I say. Linda says she looks better, has been training better, etc. but she didn't perform as well. As they say, "that's horse racing!"

On the other hand, our friend Patsy's horse, Gitchee Goomie, ran a great race in the $100,000 Mount Vernon Stakes. Alan Garcia, who sometimes can't get out of the gate, did a masterful job. While she didn't win by a lot, it seemed like an easy victory. We joined Patsy's daughter Lisa and trainer Rick Violette in the Winner's Circle and after our loss, we toasted their victory and drowned our sorrows with champagne, courtesy of the New York Racing Association. As Patsy reminded me, we've had those victories in the past and we hope for more in the future for us and for her.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Katy on Saturday, Blitzer on Sunday

Arielle's Song finished 7th at Presque Isle Downs for trainer Wayne Rice, Linda's brother.  She still looks like she doesn't want to be a racehorse.

Katy's Office Girl with Ramon Dominguez in the saddle will run on the grass at Belmont, if weather allows at 1 1/16 mile. It's race number 8 and she's got the #7 post in a $20K claimer. Sure hope she can be competitive. Don't know about Holy Blitzer's race for Sunday yet but we'll find out tomorrow. let me know if you're coming to either.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our two best horses...

…last and next to last. We'd be having a successful year, if the results were read from bottom to top. How awful to watch your two big winners become big losers!

Ahvee's Destiny was left at the gate. When the jockey tried to recover, the horses in front of him came together and pinched her out. She was really never in the race. they scoped her after the race and found a respiratory infection. I think if they had not found that, we'd have had to seriously consider getting her to the breeding shed immediately, since it seemed she did not want to run. Linda feels she can be competitive. So, the breeding shed will wait until next year.

Awakino Cat has been a mystery. When he was supposed to tie up last year, under different ownership, he beat Ahvee's Destiny twice and won three straight races. Since we've owned him, he's tied up and had to be vanned off the track, then he's lost three straight races. Maybe it's caused by the owner! In his race last night, he was perfectly positioned. Then, Fatal Bullet pulled up along side of him and smacked into him, pushing him into the horse to his inside. After that, none of them faired well with Awakino finishing dead last.

The joy of racing will continue at Belmont on May 28 and 29. We hope Katy's Office Girl and Holy Blitzer will race that weekend. If they do as well as "the best two," it really will be Memorial Day weekend!

I've won and I've lost. Winning is better… and a lot more fun!



Sunday, May 15, 2011

Third Place

Hear the Footsteps ran a decent race. Alex Solis got him out of the gate quicky but then took him a little too far back. Alex said Footsie was slipping on the turn. Then he got behind a wall of horses into the stretch. When Solis found a hole, he went through and ducked in to the rail. Footsie had a big rush to get him onto third place but then flattened out a bit and made little further progress. Still a nice race for his first time this year. Hopefully, he will not have bled and won't be sore.

Ahvee's Destiny is the morning line favorite in a wide open race on Tuesday at Presque Isle Downs. On Wednesday at Presque Isle, Awakino Cat has ended up in what should have been a Graded Stakes race that includes the likes of Fatal Bullet, a million dollar plus winner. It'll be a tough one.y

May sun shine somewhere for you on this otherwise rainy day



Friday, May 13, 2011

Your weekend racing update

Ahvee's Destiny was scratched from a race at Belmont today but will run in an allowance race on Tuesday night at Presque Isle Downs, the site of her only victory last year. She's coming out of post position 7 with Harry Vega aboard. He guided her to victory last year.

It will be sort of a prep race for her defense on June 21st of the $100K Satin & Lace Stakes title she won there last year. Since Linda's brother Wayne is headquartered in Presque Isle Downs, Ahvee's Destiny will stay there with his operation until after the race on the 21st. There is an allowance race for Awakino Cat at Presque Isle on May 18th, so I presume they will be shipping them there together.

BTW, the racing surface used by Presque Isle Downs is a synthetic surface called Tapeta. It is the same surface used in Dubai, where they have the World Cup Races for very big purses. I could see Ahvee and Avi going to Dubai for the World Cup Sprint, couldn't you? Sheik Mohammed wouldn't mind… I hope!

Hear the Footsteps is scheduled to race on the grass in tomorrow's 8th race at Belmont. It's his first start of the year and this is a longer route, so he may need the race, especially since he's facing the two horses who beat him in his last outing. If the race comes off the grass because of rain, he will be scratched. He has Alex Solis, who is a solid rider, aboard.

Now, we see what happens. Hope you all have a good weekend!



Monday, May 2, 2011

Scratch Ahvee's Destiny

To make a long story short (another commercial for Colin Quinn), Linda thought it didn't make sense to take a long trip with questionable weather and a VERY tough field of boys in Atlantic City tomorrow. I am always worried when we skip an opportunity… and I have never been to the Atlantic City Race Course, so this would have been a new adventure. I'll just hope that we find races for fillies and mares where we are more competitive and that are blessed with good weather.

I really love that horse. Just thinking about her being stabled in Saratoga again, makes me want to go and see her… this time with Carrots in hand, so she can plant kisses on my cheek and be rewarded!



Winner's Circle Photo

Sammy and Flossy came to Belmont yesterday and got a chance to get their photo taken in the Winner's Circle… it was with a grey horse, just not Katy. Linda had another entrant named Love Shack who won the race. Katy, who was 24 lengths behind going into the stretch, finished 5 1/2 lengths behind in third place. So, at least, she got a small check.

Ahvee's Destiny is scheduled in a 5 furlong stakes at Atlantic City tomorrow. Post time is 6PM. Let's hope the rain holds off. Go Ahvee!

Cricky'sGoldeneyes had surgery on both legs. He had a major tear of his right suspensory. OY!



Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's not the Kentucky Derby, but...

Katy's Office Girl runs at Belmont on Sunday, May 1st, race 8, 1 1/16 miles on the grass from post position #8 with Ramon Dominguez aboard. It's a $25,000 claiming race, so we could lose her but Ramon has done well riding her.  Let's hope for a victory. For those who like different colors, Katy is a Gray filly. GO KATY!

Ahvee's Destiny will run for the first time at the Atlantic City Race Course on Tuesday May 3rd at 6PM. She is entered in the Tony Gatto Dream Big Stakes at 5 furlongs on the grass. The first time I heard the name of the race, I thought it was Tony Soprano, rather than Gatto. Is there a difference? [PC ALERT] Of course there is!

The whole course in Atlantic City is open for only 6 days. All the races are on the grass. This race is the feature on the final day of racing with a purse of $50K. As with all of Ahvee's races these days, there is lots of competition. She runs from the one-hole. If Joe Bravo gets her out quickly, it may be OK. If he doesn't, she may get stuck behind too many horses. I guess we won't know until they come flying out of the gate. GO AHVEE!

It's Truly Ahvee has a serious tendon tear. It seems like most feel it is unlikely that a horse will make it back to the races when he has been injured very quickly after healing from a prior tear in a different area of the same tendon. We will probably have one more conversation with our friend, Vet David Levine, before making a final decision.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Race results

It rained in sunny Florida on Saturday, so the race for Ahvee's Destiny and Awakino Cat was taken off the grass. Ahvee's Destiny was scratched and Awakino Cat ran. He got out of the gate quickly but the the rider Louis Saez didn't maintain position, letting Awakino get stuck behind horses who were kicking up mud in his face. Then, when a hole opened on the rail, he started for it but instead of filling the hole quickly, he let the horse in front come in on him. Instead of continuing the charge, he swung Awakino very wide, losing any momentum he had built up. Awakino did not finish with his vaunted late turn of foot that has had him win so many races from behind. Instead, he flattened out but still managed to come in third. All in all, an improvement from his first dismal race. Hopefully, he'll continue to improve.

Sounds like Linda wants to wait until May to run Ahvee's Destiny at Pimlico. Will advise as we go forward.

Here's wishing you a Happy Passover or a meaningful Easter holiday. If you don't celebrate either, have a nice day!



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More bad news

It's Truly Ahvee does indeed have a new tear in his tendon. At best, this means we won't see him race until late next year, if ever.

 Now, Cricky'sGoldeneyes has bone chips in one knee and "filling" in the other knee. This will require surgery on both. He's out until late Fall.

 Ahvee's Destiny and Awakino Cat are entered to race on Saturday at Gulfstream… on the grass at 5 furlongs. Little Nick who finished 2nd in the race that A.D. came in 6th and A.C. came in last seems to be the main competition. I'm dreaming of A.D winning while A.C. comes in second, flying at the end. I'd like to see Awakino Cat try longer distances.



Friday, April 8, 2011

Horse Report

It's Truly Ahvee our 3-yr. old colt continues to have a ligament problem down in Florida. He will be taken to the clinic to see whether Stem Cell Therapy is called for or what other treatment can help him recover. This is not good news. At best, he will be out quite a while unless the ultrasound does not show anything.


Katy's Office Girl seems tired and thin. She will be given a little rest. If she doesn't do better on the grass at Belmont, she will be put into claiming races until she reaches a level that she can win at or until someone claims her or both. Of course, neither is a possiblity too.


Holy Blitzer is back and had her first breeze and is looking great, according to Linda. I wonder if she will still look great next month, when she will, hopefully, race on the Belmont grass.


Cricky'sGoldenEyes and Hear the Footsteps also look good. Linda is particularly excited by the way Footsie looks. They are both aiming for races next month at Belmont.


It looks like Ahvee's Destiny and Awakino Cat will do the tandem thing again at Gulfstream next Thursday in a 5 furlong Turf (grass) sprint. Hopefully, they'll both do better than last time. More to come after the entries are announced and we can see whom they will be running against. Samantha, the Assistant Trainer in charge down in Florida thinks they both look great.


In short, we have many horses that look great…. but we don't know if they can run! We can, however, dream…. and we will!


Have a nice weekend,



Monday, March 28, 2011


Katy's Office Gril displaced her soft palate in yesterday's race where she finished fifth. The jockey heard her making some gutteral sounds and Linda had her scoped after the race confirming the displacement. Linda will be looking for a turf race for Katy. She does perform better on the grass. So, between having a reason for her poor performance and the beginning of turf racing season, we have reason to be hopeful.

Awakino Cat turned in a sparkling bullet breeze this morning after his abysmal showing in the Gulfstream Stakes race 10 days ago. Let's hope this bodes well too.

Remember, the horse racing business is dependent on hope. It's what dreams are made of!



Katy today

That winning combination of Katy's Office Girl and Cornelio Velasquez tries again today at 1 mile 70 yards at Aqueduct in the 8th race. She's 4-1 in the Morning Line, the third favorite. She'll have to run better to beat this bunch!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Very fast race

Posted by Avram Freedberg
Both our contenders were off to good starts. Joe Bravo got Ahvee's Destiny off in 3rd place but let her fall back. She doesn't like to be surrounded by horses in front of her and outside of her. Near the end you could actually see her bear in from fear of another horse coming towards her from the outside.

Alex Solis rode aggressively on Awakino Cat and took him very wide coming into the stretch. Solis said he was having breathing problems, so he seems not to be in top shape yet. This was his first race since last summer.

It was the first time we had two horses in one race, though as it turned out they weren't actually "in" the race with Ahvee finishing 6th and Awakino finishing last. Well they both looked marvelous… simply marvelous in their silks and her blinkers. Sometimes looking good is most important… just not usually on the racetrack!

Shabbat shalom. Have a nice weekend.

Best to all,

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Go Katy!

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Katy's Office Girl will compete in tomorrow's 8th race at 1 mile 70 yds on the dirt at Aqueduct. Cornelio Velasquez is the jockey. He's never won when riding any of our steeds. Maybe tomorrow will be different. Unfortunately, Ramon Dominguez, who has won with Katy and knows her best will be riding in Florida tomorrow.

Katy doesn't like to run until very late in the race. She seems to dislike being in a crowd, preferring the outside route to the rail but she comes out of post #2 tomorrow. When she makes that big run late, it can be very exciting. Let's hope for the best.

Ahvee's Destiny was to be entered in a race at Gulfstream today for Wednesday but it did not get used. They say they'll put in back on tomorrow for next Thursday. It's out of our hands. Meanwhile, she ran a bullet breeze this week, 1st out of 16, I believe. She's ready… at least in the morning. But the weather has played havoc with her racing schedule.

Awakino Cat is pointing to a race at Gulfstream for Friday. He's been putting in OK breezes. At least he's not tying up. Could be an interesting week.

Have a nice weekend!


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's off the turf, so Ahvee's Destiny scratched

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Avram C. Freedberg

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The weather forecast is poor for today, calling for lots of showers and maybe some thunderstorms. If they keep the race on the grass, we'll be running. If they take the race off the grass, we'll scratch and we won't be running. Keep up with the weather.

This doubly frustrating because I know many of those in Florida had planned to attend. With threatening weather, I guess it's unlikely that we'll get a big turnout. Of course, IF you go and IF they stay on the grass and IF (the biggest IF of all) she wins, you are invited to get into the Winner's Cirlce Photo. Anyone who makes into such a photo can count on getting a copy of their very own!

Oh well, another example of not being in control of your Ahvee's Destiny.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Posted by Avram Freedberg

You can tell Spring is in the air. The racing schedule starts heating up and the level of excitement increases. No, we're not running in the Kentucky Derby, which is only a bit more than two months away, but we have three races to look forward to in the next two weeks.

First, is Ahvee's Destiny on Sunday March 6th. She's up against a tough bunch and a full race with fourteen scheduled to start at five furlongs on the grass at Gulfstream. Joe Bravo has the mount. He won with her in 2009 at Gulfstream and came in third in her first race this year. Unfortunately, she has very specific needs -- short sprint on the grass -- that she doesn't have much choice about whom to race against. So, we'll just have to hope she will run her best and that's her best good enough to take the top prize. If she doesn't run well, it is likely she'll be retired to the breeding shed. It's the tenth race at 5:25PM, so I'll have my I-Pad at a dinner for a Rabbinical school. That's going to be interesting! Nonetheless, we'll be rooting for Ahvee's Destiny.

Katy's Office Girl is pointing to a race on March 12th at Aqueduct at one mile seventy yards on the inner dirt track. She's had some minor problems which started with a little bleeding in her last race and included a fungal infection. However, she's fit and we're looking to get her to the outside for the stretch run and come home first.

Awakino Cat, the really nervous one, started to tie-up when he first arrived at Palm Meadows Training Center. However, he's settling in and has had two breezes with no ill effects. It's ironic that last year Linda expected him to perform poorly because of his penchant for tying up but he won 3 in a row and beat Ahvee's Destiny twice. Then, we bought him… and, of course, he tied up! It was scary when they had to van him off the track because he was so tight, he couldn't walk. Nonetheless, when he runs, he's often swifter than his competition. He's won ten of twenty-one. Let's hope he does as well for us! We're aiming for a five furlong Allowance race on the grass at Gulfstream on March 18th.

The others are all getting back into training. We probably won't see most race until May, but we can hope for faster progress.


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Friday, February 25, 2011


Posted by Avram Freedberg

Yay for Patsy Symons, whose Myakka was a winner at Gulfstream Park yesterday!

Ahvee's Destiny breezed respectably earlier this week and is pointing to the Ladies Turf Sprint stakes at Gulfstream taking place on Sunday, March 6th. We have local obligations, so we will not be able to attend but we expect friends and Florida-based family to represent us… hopefully, in the Winner's Circle. It's 5 furlongs on the grass. Let's hope for good weather and a firm course. Go Ahvee's Destiny!

Awakino Cat had his second breeze today. He went 3 furlongs in a sparkling 36 2/5 sec. Assuming he doesn't tie up (which is always a possibility with him, he should soon be ready to race.

Not much news on the others, many of whom will go into training March 1st.

All the best,

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Third place

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The race played out just the way it played out on paper. She was running against the boys and two fo them, Stradivinsky and Great Attack looked stronger. The grass condition was good but that still means it's a little off and she likes a firm track. So, when the horses broke and she fell back right away to 4th, it seemed like a replay of many of her other races on a "good" track. She passed the tiring leader in the stretch and finished 2 1/2 lengths behind the winner, Stradivinsky. The horses finidhed exactly the way the odds placed them. We were the 9-2 third choice and we finidhed third.

Linda was satisfied with the performance. We'll enter her in another race in February. Hopefully, we'll get a firm track and be able to guage her performance better, so we can make a decision on racing or breeding.

I guess it's time to check on the schedule for the rest of the brood to return to racing. More to come.


PS If you haven't been to Broadway and haven't seen Colin Quinn's Long Story Short, The Merchant of Venice with Pacino or the Addam's Family with Nathan Lane, now's the time!
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Ahvee's Destiny will run today

Posted by Avram Freedberg

It's a Stakes race on the grass at 5 furlongs. Though there are only 5 in the race, there's some tough competition. Which form will she show today? If 2009 form, we may have a nice racing year. If 2010, she may go on to try and become a mommy.

Post time is 3:25PM. She's coming from the #3 post position but there will be no one inside of her at the start because the #1 and #2 scratched. Total purse is $60K. Joe Bravo, who won with her at this racetrack in 2009, will be the jockey.

I'll be watching on my computer. I know I'll be nervous. Hope she isn't. GO AHVEE'S DESTINY!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We're home

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We watched the Aqueduct race from on TV at our table in Christine Lee's restaurant at Gulfstream. Katy's Office Girl was wearing blinkers to see if this would help her be closer to the pack, since she's always falling far behind. When she too a position in sixth place, we thought the blinkers worked. However, either she just didn't have it or the apprentice jockey -- whose presence meant there was 5 lbs. less on Katy's back -- didn't know how to get her in gear. She lacked her big finishing kick. The jockey claimed it was because of a slow pace in the early fractions. Anyway, she ran in 6th most of the race and ended up in 6th at the finish.

When Ahvee's Destiny came to the paddock after the 4th race to get used to the surroundings, she had to stay in a stall until the horses left for the track for the 5th race. They were colts and she's a pretty cute mare, get it? So, we had plenty of time to see her and to stroke her. Of course, we were sad that she was not not able to run.

Today, she breezed well (2nd out of 26) at 4 furlongs. We'll see who enters in the "boys" stakes for Sunday the 23rd. We don't want a victory to be an impossible task, especially for her first race back. It also might not tell us anyhting about whether she can be competitive this year.

Awakino Cat will be arriving at Palm Meadows Training Center by end of the week. This is the one that tied-up on us just after we bought him in the Fall. I'm still dreaming bout his potential. One step at a time, of course.

All the best,
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Race day in Florida and New York

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Katy's Office Girl is the 7-5 Morning Line favorite at Aqueduct in the 9th race at one mile on the dirt. She has a jockey I never heard of named Brian Pedroza and will be wearing blinkers for the first time to see if that helps her stay a little closer to the pack. Jim is trying to represent us in New York while we're in Florida at Gulfstream.

This morning we visited Ahvee's Destiny at Palm Meadows Training Center. Boy, was she cute! In the summer at Saratoga, I taught her to give me a kiss to get a carrot. When she saw me today, she started kissing me, then drew back waiting for her carrot. I had no carrots, so she started kissing again. When she didn't get anything other than verbal loving, she got angry and started nipping at both me and Rhoda. We love that horse.

Tomorrow may answer the question, "is she back or is it time to breed her." We hope she's ready to run. We'd miss her on the racetrack, if she was to go to the breeding shed. She's 10-1 Morning Line. Last time that happened, I believe she was 3-1 at posttime. GO AHVEE'S DESTINY!

I'm nervous!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Bullet Breeze

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Her breeze this morning was superb. She was fastest of 17 at the four furlong distance on the grass. So, if she stays healthy and the race fills on Friday, she'll be running next Monday at Gulfstream.



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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last race?

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As usual in racing, there are many "if"s, before we see Ahvee's Destiny run next Monday (1/17) in an allowance race at Gulfstream, 5 furlongs on the grass. First, she has to breeze nicely tomorrow morning (1/10). Then, the race has to fill, which we won't know until Friday, 1/14. Nonetheless, we have made our flight reservations for next weekend.

We are hoping she does well, so we can try campaigning her for the rest of 2011. If not, we'll try and breed her this year. We're excited about seeing her. Will keep you apprised of developments.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The cheap end Zenyatta

Posted by Avram Freedberg

You've probably heard about Zenyatta who just missed going 20 for 20 in her career when she lost the Breeder's Cup Classic to Blame by a head. She loves to go from last to first. Katy's Office Girl loves to be last but had not finished first… at least not before the final day of racing in 2010. Ahvee's Destiny broke her maiden in the very last race of 2006, so we were hoping Katy's race on the last day would also result in her first victory.

We were on a plane when the race was run but watched it late last night. We saw her start and then fade so far back, she was not even in the picture. As they came into the stretch, the race caller said she was last. However, when they showed the horses around the turn at the quarter pole, Katy was already passing horses. She just kept coming on and when they reached the sixteenth pole, she poked her head in front ad drew away under a hand ride to a 2 length victory. She's a maiden no more! YAY!

Nice way to end the year. Keep in mind that in 6 races, she's won once, placed twice and showed once… 4 out of 6 in the money is pretty encouraging. Of course, her time was not fast and the competition will get stronger but she sure is exciting to watch.

Best regards,
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