Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Beloved Cricket

Cricket, was part of our family for over 15 years. Because she was always treated royally, our friends would say “they want to come back as our dog.” She had free reign of the house including all beds and sofas. She never spent a night in a kennel. She ate gourmet dog and people food. When it rained or snowed, she was walked under cover. She swam in the summer and romped in the fallen leaves. As she aged, she received the best medical treatment available including acupuncture, water therapy and 24/7 care when needed. “Cricket Care” was the ultimate in care giving.

Why all this “for just a dog,” as some might say? First, all our pets are family members. Cricket gave us unconditional love. She was sweet, gentle, lovable and just plain cute! When kids who were scared of dogs visited our home, they left wanting to take Cricket with them. We cherished Cricket and named our stable of horses after her, Everything’s Cricket Racing. Her image appears on the front and back of the jockey’s racing silks. When she met Ahvee’s Destiny, even the high strung thoroughbred loved her and kissed her.

She was one special dog whose memory will always be with our whole family.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Avram:
I happened to come to your site at the request of a friend you would know with the initials, J.B. By equal happenstance, I came to visit your blog and had the opportunity to read your sharing of the heartwarming story about Cricket. It is a story that struck a personal cord with me since I also had a mirroring experience with my own canine family member, who I will forever miss very much. I know it's probably not true but I have the feeling it is often the case that such sentiment for these family members runs deeply in the blood of our Tribe. I would be pleased if you allowed me to share with you my own similar story with regard to my Rusty as told on a website I dedicated to his memory and those before him. I tell that story on the About Us page at

I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to read such a wonderful tribute and thru this wonderful technology virtually make your acquaintance.

Jay Jacovitz